The thing about WHITE

I'm pretty sure you all have seen the current DKNY campaign with Cara Delevingne or the H&M spring campaign.


pics via H&M press

And there are some more campaigns or outfit posts from bloggers etc. displaying "White-all-over" outfits! Last year we started with trendy white shoes and now it's the whole outfit. And already last year, I tried to figure out if I could make my peace with white! 

I'm not a huge fan of white. Have never been. Although I like the outfits above or the ones that are posted, but I just can't not picture myself in such an outfit. 

You know, I think there are two kinds of girls....the ones who dress in white all over, hurry to work, have an 12 hours day in the office and partying after work and who return home still in white all over. Clean. Not a single spot on the clothing. And there are girls, like me, who dress all in white and who will have the first spot on the white before even leaving the house for work. 
I'm totally the second kind. Even when wearing a white shirt or blouse, I have the feeling, it looks grey during the day. It has always been like this. 

Of course, I wear white sometimes, but only simple shirts and blouses for the office. I hate white pants. You'll never ever find one in my closet. with shoes and jackets I'm not sure yet. I think, I like white blazers or white leather jackets. Shoes...sneakers in white are totally OK, but I guess, my white pumps would look like 5 years old working boots after an hour ;-(. 

I don't know...what do you think? Are you a white girl? Have you already shopped your white spring outfit or will you focus on only one white piece, like me?!

Have a wonderful day!

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