ETAIL PR Competition: Marc B. and Asos Outfit

ETAIL PR is hosting a new competition until end of this week and since I newly signed up, I'll give it a try this week. 

The task is to create an outfit with clothing from Asos around a bag from Marc B.'s new collection. 

all pics via Marc B. and Asos

I decided for the TORI Black (70,69 €) since it is a classic black bag, not too small (because I always carry a lot of stuff with me ;-)) and can be combined easily for casual as well as business outfits. 

After I decided for the bag, I browsed through the Asos online store and the first pieces I found was the green striped midi skirt and I felt in love asap. So, I choose everything else around the bag and the skirt. Actually, I wouldn't wear the white top (since my belly would pop out a little too much ;-)), but I would love to see this outfit on someone else...I really like it. Simple, comfy with a little twist. I picture this outfit for Carrie walking through Central Park on a Sunday :-). 

Marc B.


What do you think? Like my outfit for Carrie? 

If you like this competition you can still enter till Friday. For all further information you can visit the ETAIL PR blog here

Have a wonderful day all. 

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