The thing about WHITE

I'm pretty sure you all have seen the current DKNY campaign with Cara Delevingne or the H&M spring campaign.


pics via H&M press

And there are some more campaigns or outfit posts from bloggers etc. displaying "White-all-over" outfits! Last year we started with trendy white shoes and now it's the whole outfit. And already last year, I tried to figure out if I could make my peace with white! 

I'm not a huge fan of white. Have never been. Although I like the outfits above or the ones that are posted, but I just can't not picture myself in such an outfit. 

You know, I think there are two kinds of girls....the ones who dress in white all over, hurry to work, have an 12 hours day in the office and partying after work and who return home still in white all over. Clean. Not a single spot on the clothing. And there are girls, like me, who dress all in white and who will have the first spot on the white before even leaving the house for work. 
I'm totally the second kind. Even when wearing a white shirt or blouse, I have the feeling, it looks grey during the day. It has always been like this. 

Of course, I wear white sometimes, but only simple shirts and blouses for the office. I hate white pants. You'll never ever find one in my closet. with shoes and jackets I'm not sure yet. I think, I like white blazers or white leather jackets. Shoes...sneakers in white are totally OK, but I guess, my white pumps would look like 5 years old working boots after an hour ;-(. 

I don't know...what do you think? Are you a white girl? Have you already shopped your white spring outfit or will you focus on only one white piece, like me?!

Have a wonderful day!


Exhibition: "Schuhtick" in Bonn

I owe you a post about my trip to the "Schuhtick" exhibition in Bonn which I've already done some weeks ago. But you can still visit the exhibition until March 10th. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't allowed to take picture ;-(. Evil me, made some with the iPhone, secretly...! So, I can't show many pictures and the ones I took have a really bad quality. Sorry for that. 

But I still wanted to give you some information and maybe the one or the other of you who lives nearby has a chance to visit. It's really worth it! More than 400 pieces from all over the world and from all epochs are shown.

A catwalk decorates the entrance of the exhibition where you can try walking in more than 100 different shoes from no heel to highest heels. Everything the heart desires! Some shoes are presented in huge shoe boxes to walk in and some (really fragile pieces) are shown in cabinets. 

Starting with the (maybe) very first shoes from Ötzi (the man from the ice) which are supposed to be more than 40.000 years old, up to the Middle Ages, further on to Baroque and Rococo periods to the 18th century,  the 19th century and last, but not least to our present times....you can see shoes from their very beginning up to now. And it's really fascinating to see that some details of our currents shoes have their origin in very very faraway times. So, I learned that shoes during the Middle Ages had two bars (front and back) under the sole (to avoid the dirt, mostly feces, on the streets) which could be some kind of forerunner to our platform shoes like the Buffalo's in the 90ies.

Moreover, you'll see shoes that showed a certain status and authority (especially in former times). What I also never thought about before is that heels weren't only for women in previous epochs. Above all, they showed the power and influence of certain men.

weddings shoes 

There's also foot jewelry  regarding sensuality and eroticism. Funny little story...in ancient Egypt the prostitutes wore shoes with an imprint under the sole that said something like "Follow me" :-).

Also special shoes like working boots (from firemen) or sport shoes (from Boris Becker when he won Wimbledon) are exhibited.

well-known ;-) from 1960

Converse & Vans

Birkenstock's designed by Heidi Klum

The last part of the exhibition is dedicated to the art of shoe design and todays greatest (shoe) designers like Manolo Blahnik, YSL, Vivian Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Roger Vivier or      Salvatore Ferragamo and some more.

from 1980 - Salvatore Ferragamo


crazy Banana shoes

from 1983 - look familiar, right? :-)

After the exhibition I went straight to the museum shop (I looove museum shops) and bought the book "Schuhtick", of course. You can find all information there, too and I think, it's always good to have some reference books in the shelf.

book to the exhibition

another book I bought at the shop

So, if you live here, hurry and visit the exhibition. It's really really worth to see and learn so much!

Have a wonderful weekend all.


ETAIL PR Competition: Marc B. and Asos Outfit

ETAIL PR is hosting a new competition until end of this week and since I newly signed up, I'll give it a try this week. 

The task is to create an outfit with clothing from Asos around a bag from Marc B.'s new collection. 

all pics via Marc B. and Asos

I decided for the TORI Black (70,69 €) since it is a classic black bag, not too small (because I always carry a lot of stuff with me ;-)) and can be combined easily for casual as well as business outfits. 

After I decided for the bag, I browsed through the Asos online store and the first pieces I found was the green striped midi skirt and I felt in love asap. So, I choose everything else around the bag and the skirt. Actually, I wouldn't wear the white top (since my belly would pop out a little too much ;-)), but I would love to see this outfit on someone else...I really like it. Simple, comfy with a little twist. I picture this outfit for Carrie walking through Central Park on a Sunday :-). 

Marc B.


What do you think? Like my outfit for Carrie? 

If you like this competition you can still enter till Friday. For all further information you can visit the ETAIL PR blog here

Have a wonderful day all. 


Snip n' chop...

As you my have recognized on my latest pics, my hair cut wasn't really a hair cut anymore....more like a mess. I already thought about something slightly new, but not too drastic change....like here.


I already got an appointment last week and tataaaa....

with my youngest nice

On the picture it doesn't look so short. Actually, it is shorter than expected, but I like it somehow. Easy to style btw. what is absolutely necessary for an ungifted girl like me when it comes to hair styles :-(. The front is a little shorter, too. I thought about a little more bangs, but that's a good start for now. Not a big change at all, I know. What do you think? 



Lookbook Spring 13 - Bimba & Lola

A few days ago I browsed through all my saved links and found some real treasures again....totally forgot. One of it is "Bimba & Lola". Maybe some of you know this Spanish store?! They just released the Spring lookbook and I totally need to show you these awesome looks. Amazing! I'm totally in love! 

Wonderful dresses and pants with a little extra, clean and straight, but playful looks and for me
absolutely perfect for the office!

See my favorites here:

all pics via Bimba & Lola

You can see the whole Spring lookbook on Bimba & Lola. Aren't these looks enchanting?

Have a Valentine's Day!


Prabal Gurung for Target

Last Sunday, February 10th, the Prabal Gurung Collection for Target hit the stores in US and the online store. Yesterday it was already sold out on some pieces.

via EliteDaily.com

The collection includes more then 100 pieces from clothing to shoes up to accessories. Colorful floral print are somehow the signature of this collection...on dresses, skirts, pants and shoes. But also plain-colored shirts, classy dresses, but with a twist and chic necklaces, bracelets and earrings are part of the Target cooperation. 

all pics via Target

For those of you in the US...hurry, there are some really great pieces left in the stores (and a few online) and for all others...maybe you have good friends in the US?! :-).



Blogger parade from CLLCT - Me & my pet

The girls from the blogger network CLLCT called for a new blogger parade: ME and MY PET! And since I have a pet too and I adore this little guy ;-), I totally join. 

I guess some of you might already have noticed Jones, our french bulldog, on the one or other picture. Sometimes he just sneaks into them ;-). 

Well, we got Jonesy on New Years Eve 2010 when he was 8 weeks old. It was love at first sight between us. I was just browsing though the internet for breeders and there he was...a phone call, a first visit and he was our new family member! I grew up with dogs, but always really big ones who only listen to my dad. So, Jonesy is my "real first dog". I guess, everybody who has a pet knows how much one can love these cute little furballs! It's amazing. 

Since two years, he is somehow my shadow ;-). He follows me all around. I try to take him with whenever I can and we miss each other. But actually, we havn't been separated for more then 12 hours. Sounds a little crazy, right?! :-) But that's the truth, we spend a lot of time together....

When we are sick: (yes, I cancel nights out or dinner when he's sick ;-))

Jones supports me when I'm doing sports: 

We take little naps together: 

We are bored together and watching exciting movies: 

We watch the crazy neighbor dog: 

yeahh....and sometimes we fight about food (and believe me, it's not easy to resist those big brown eyes): 

And there are days, of course, when I get a little mad, because he won't listen (no his ears are not made for better listening). But I can never be mad at him for longer then 10 minutes...terrible. And no matter what, I love our little bat! 

Who has a pet too? Guess, you totally know what I'm talking about, right?! :-)

Have a wonderful evening all! 
K. & Jonesy ;-)

PS.: For further information about the blogger parade pls visit CLLCT. 

Wanna have outfit

Just found this beautiful dress on Topshop. Isn't it gorgeous?! I would love to wear it with those black buckle boots from Elizabeth and James via shoescribe.

Sweater dress from Topshop (pic via)
Elizabeth and James boots via Shoescribe



Glossybox February 2013 - Valentine's Day

The cutest Glossybox ever! I think :-). Isn't this "flower bow" nice? Very girlish, but cute. And since this month' box is dedicated to Valentine's Day, it's allowed that its pink and cute ;-). 

Although, I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day (but I don't hate it either), I'm happy about the box and its samples. Once again a lipstick/ lip gloss duo....but hey, it's Valentine's Day and a very good friend of mine loves lip gloss. 

Here's what I found in: 

  • Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap - organic soap with different oils. Well, I guess I need to get used to the scent, but maybe it feels really really good ;-).
  • Etre Belle Cosmetics Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask - Always good and needed. 
  • Model Co Lip Duo - As already said above :-). 
  • Sexy Hair sexyhairorganics Moisture Boost - Think I will love it. Since I have really thick and dry hair it's very welcome. 
  • Tautropfen Bathing stick - Well, I don't take a bath too often, but that's a good reason trying again. 
  • Extra Goodie: Valentina from Valentino....Love it! 

The Glossy Mag is great again....a little knowledge about Valentine's Day, best gift ideas, great hotels and travelling ideas etc. 

Good job, dear Glossybox team! Really like it. 

What was in your box this month? Succeeded or failed? Let me know. 
Have a wonderful Monday! 



OOTD/ Blue knit dress & white turtle neck

After spending a whole week in jogging pants and sweater not leaving the house thanks to my downfall last Sunday, I finally made it to a little grocery shopping this morning. So, I can at least show you an outfit, even it's just a very casual one, once again ;-). 

Yes, I need to sit pulling on my shoes ;-). Still!

H&M dress (last year), turtle neck - I don't know, shoes - Converse

Another dog on neighbors balcony

Nothing fancy today, I know. But I hope you all are fine and for those of you at the US east coast...I cross my fingers that it won't be that bad and that it'll be over soon. Hope you're safe. 

Have a nice weekend all!