Christmas recap - part I

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and a good start in 2013! We spend the evening at home, just relaxing, making Raclette and enjoying the time for us (after 10 days of family and friends :-)). 

As I promised, I picked out some pics from the last days.                  

I'm starting with the days at my mum's place and my BF parents place where we spent the first days and Christmas Eve. 

Best Christmas gift ever - my new camera

favorite Christmas dinner - dumplings, red cabbage and meat
Playtime with my niece and her brandnew Barbie fashion closet 

Since it got warmer and warmer before Christmas all the snow was melting so fast that we had to deal with little high waters at my mom's place. The day after the water went back we made a little walk with Jonesy and nearly got stuck in all the mud ;-).

this outfit doesn't count :-)

working a little bit
at least one outfit that can be posted ;-)
Hope you all had wonderful days with your families and friends!

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