New in/ studded boots from ZARA

Currently I'm somehow obsessed with ZARA. Every time I browse through the online store or I'm in the store in the city, I can't resist! There are so many wonderful pieces...ahhhh...and suddenly I have the feeling I totally need them :-). That happend again yesterday...actually I was in the city for Christmas shopping....not for me, but for my family and friends. 

Walking by the window of ZARA, a voice whispered "Come in! You need something from here, for sure" ;-). So, I thought that I could have a look and since I was also looking for a dress for the upcoming Christmas party...wtf :-). 

I found some dresses, of course (post will follow) and I found these lovely boots with little studs! Until now I havn't found some studded boots which I could afford and I didn't wanted to have too clumsy ones. But these are perfect! Only little studs and they are slim at the feet and so make a slim feet! They had to end in my basket ;-). 

What do you think? Aren't they nice?! I think, I'm going to wear this evening on the Christmas market. 

Have a lovely day all. 
K :-)


  1. die boots sind cool!! ich habe auch welche mit studs nur eher im biker Stil. die sind sehr sehr schön!