My hat collection - take or toss?!

It's only 2 days left until our Christmas round trip starts. Every year we are on the road for ten days visiting ur families for Christmas. This year we start with my mum's family, then we go to Berlin and afterwards we'll spend some days at my dad's place. Sometimes this is a little stressful, but I'm always happy to see my family and my BF's family, of course. And since I have my little nieces, it's always more fun! 

But they all live in the eastern areas and that means they have snow and it's colder then here. So, I need to pack some stuff I don't use here very often. Such as hats! Of course, I wear them here from time to time, but mostly only lighter ones. 

During the years, I always bought a hat at my dad's place when it got too cold on my ears....so I can call a (really) small collection my own :-).

Most of the time, I wear these two since they are really really cozy :-). 

knit hat with earmuffs from last year


chapka from Eisbär - also last year

I like the others too, but don't wear them too often. I also like that dark blue headband. I bought it last year @Zalando.

As well as the grey Beanie, from Zalando, too, but I haven't worn it ones. Although I really like it. 

This pink hat is from Dresden. I just bought it because I like the color so much :-).

A black knit hat - is always ok. 

And finally just grey...

Last week I saw this cute bobble hat from PROTEST @Zalando Austria. I love these colors: 
Pics via Zalando Austria 

What do you think? You like them or would you just toss them and buy some new? Which hats are you wearing? Or are going to spend Christmas in the sun? ;-) 



  1. ich finde die kappen, die du besitzt, toll :)
    meine mutter hat mir so eine kappe, wie du hast, gestrickt. die trage ich total oft :)
    sonst besitze ich noch eine weiße, die auch meine mum gemacht hat, eine schwarze und ein olivgrünes stirnband und auch die kappe in der farbe (auch von meiner mum) :)


  2. I say keep! I love the gray crochet band with the flower :) Cute!


  3. Ich mag deine Mützen, vor allem die vorletzte! In Wien ist es wirklich sehr kalt an manchen Wintertagen und ich liebe meine Mütze, aber ich muss zugeben, sie steht mir nicht! Du hast ein so liebes "Mützengesicht", sei froh drum! :D
    Hast du Lust auf gegenseitiges Folgen?

  4. I need some new hats, I love the red one :).

  5. That is quite the collection. Bennies/Hats a persons best friend during winter, I never felt the need to use one till I lived in the U.K. and in Prague, bbbrrrrr.