Best Christmas gift ever....

Hi guys, I hope you all had wonderful holidays and enjoyed the time with your families. I spend the first days with my BF at my mom's place and my family there. I had a wonderful time with my two  lovely nieces, my sister and my mom and all others. 

Sorry for not having enough time to post, but I just wanted to enjoy the time with my family. But today, I felt like it's time again....and I thought, it's a good time to show you my Christmas gift. 

I was so surprised, because I never thought about a new camera, although we talked about it before, but we decided to postpone it to June/ July 2013. 

You can imagine how happy I am now! I also got all the equipment for the camera like SD cards, remote release etc. Of course, I made over 500 pics during the last days...posts will follow ;-). Of course, I have to figure out all the tricks now and it seems that I have a lot of work to do now ;-). But you can be sure that my pics will be better in the future ;-).

I hope you all got lovely presents, too!?

Have a nice evening all. 
K. ;-)