Grace: A memoir

I have to confess that I belong to those who have heard only little about Grace Coddington until I saw "The September Issue". That's a shame, I know, but true! But better late then never, I honestly liked her "role" in the documentary and got interested in her like many others did too. 

The more I was happy when I heard that she publishes her memoires. Although I wondered a little why she is doing that at her age?! Nevertheless, now we all have the chance and luck to get to know her little better. So, I received my copy on Tuesday and even if I don't have a signed copy like Hedvig from Northern Light has (I'm only a little jealous ;-)), I couldn't wait starting to read. 

The book is full of beautiful pictures during the years! When I got it, I just flipped through to just look at them without reading, because I was so curious :-) 

I have read the first three chapters now and for sure will finish it during the weekend. A chapter for chapters in her life or (special) people in her life...about Anna too...;-) Let's see what she will write about her....at least she is one of kind who not always agrees with Anna Wintour...so could be interesing! 

Enjoy your evenings all! 


  1. oh gott hab mich gerade in das oberteil von zara verliebt mit den perlen. wie schön! da kommt der neid auf!

  2. Brauche unbedingt dieses Buch!!! Bin so gespannt. Danke für die Einblicke!