Candy for my ears....IMANY

Incidentally I heard a lovely sound yesterday morning in TV when getting ready for work and suddenly I was so ecstatic that I rushed from bathroom to the TV to see who has this lovely voice. It was IMANY....and she has not only a beautiful voice, but also a very very beautiful look. Right at this moment I knew that's she going to be one of my favorite new ladies.

After "googling" her this morning, I found out that Nadia Mladjao (what she was born originally on the French Comoros Island in 1979) out that she was an athlete and later on a very successful model before starting her career as Imany.

Pic via Last.fm

She released her first album "The shape of a broken heart" in June this year. Her music is often compared to Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone. Well, I thought she sounds like a little mixtures of Amy Winehouse and a soft Rihanna....at least the song I heard yesterday morning. Anyway....its soul and blues and sounds just beautiful! No need to compare her to anyone else. Of course, I downloaded her album right away and listening to it since.

Not forget to mention her style. Of course, she was a model and looks fabulous, but she also has a great sense of style, imo at least. Her trademark - she's always wearing head scarfs, hats, headpieces in general....beautiful, colorful ones and they make her outfits even more interesting.

Glad I've made the little discovery for myself and I hope you like her too. But now, check out for yourself. Sure, you'll love her! 

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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