Would you fake it?

I'm sure all of you have seen the Isabel Marant leather and suede boots...e.g. like here on net-a-porter.com.
pic via Net-a-porter

I love these boots...so beautiful, but soooo expensive and way too much for me! But as you also might have recognized....there are some copies of the boots. Like it always is with big trends that are not affordable for the most of us.

Actually, I think this is somehow ok to give everyone the chance to take part in fashion! That doesn't mean for me that I buy all copies or fakes of big trends, but sometimes I do. Just because I like the trend, but the designer piece is simply not affordable for my budget. And actually...nearly all trends coming from the runways of this world are not made for the main purses! So, what other possibilities do we have ;-)?

Back to the boots: Here are the Isabel Marant copies:

via Zara

pics via Mango and Buffalo
H&M - 39,95€

The boots from Mango and  Zara are really lovely. I'm thinking...;-)

Would you buy the copies, the "fake boots" or aren't you buying any trend if you can't afford the original?

Have a nice week!

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