Another copy cat - Acne vs. Tamaris

Copying the latest trends from designer brands is nothing new and often discussed these times. Although I think, the main goal of a brands like H&M, Zara, Mango, Primark, just to name a few, is to make trends available for the "mainstream" and actually there's nothing bad about this since we all like to wear the one or other trend piece. 

But what when the copy is so obviously copied? Is this still OK for us? And just to speak for myself....I think the original is always better and the copy gets a little negative touch for me.

That's what I thought when I recognized the newest copy cat Tamaris...

Pic via Tamaris

Have you seen similar boots yet? Maybe @ACNE? Like these: 

Pic via ACNE

I mean, come on....how clear is that?! What do you think about copy cats? OK or definitely a NoGo?

Enjoy the beautiful weather...

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