A little saddish and why my sofa has no legs

When you ask fashion bloggers, fashion journalists or any other person who's interested in fashion what's important about that whole wide fashion universe, most of them will say: It's important to have fun with it, having fun in dressing and give it a trial.

I totally agree to this although I'm not a "fashionista", not at all and honestly I'm really not game enough to wear all the trends and clothes I actually like. That's how I am....I do like a lot of stuff, but sometimes not on me. But it's getting better and better and I'm trying not wearing the same pieces every day in the same boring way (sometimes I'm just too tired or lazy in the mornings to think about my outfits :-)).

Lately, I also try not to buy the same pieces or similar things again and again. Just to force me being a little more experimental in dressing. I don't need 10 pairs of black pumps, right?! So, to come to the point...sometimes when I'm trying to wear not just a suit, blouse and pumps to work, I earn "funny" comments from colleagues.

Happened again yesterday. I wore my new pumps (from H&M). Actually, I think they are simple, but have a special details and can make a simple outfit a little more interesting since they have a golden Cuban heel. (Forgot to make an outfit photo - I wore them with green slim pants and a striped light blue blouse.)

shoes from H&M

I felt really comfortable with this outfit and the heels are really comfy too. So, I met a colleague during lunch who started laughing right when he saw my shoes and said: 
"What shoes! I guess, your sofa has no legs anymore, right?"
Haha, funny! I mean...come on! Same thing happened few weeks ago when I wore a blue brocade fabric skirt (which I really like btw): Have you stolen your grandma's curtains? Funny again! And there are some more stories like this....

Don't get me wrong,  I can laugh about funny things, but sometimes I have the feeling I work and live in an environment that is impatient of fashion and everything that comes along with it. Or I really dress myself very very bad - do I? 

Maybe I shouldn't think about this anymore, but since this happened several times now, I just wanted to share it with you and wanna know if you have made same or similar experiences or are your friends and colleagues interested in fashion too? In that case...lucky you :-). 

Fortunately, I have this little blog here and you, dear readers, and so I can share my happiness and joy about fashion with you fashion-mates.

Have a nice evening all. 
K :-)


  1. Love your shoes!
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