A little nuts when it comes to SATC...

Actually I'm no "girlie" in the proper sense...but there's one thing when the chick's coming out...Sex and the City! I can hear the "Oh No's" now ;-) and I know that a lot of others girls love SATC too.

From the very first beginning I just loved this series. I love the girls/ women, Patricia Field, Michael Patrick King, New York, Mr. Big ...everything that come with it. No need to say that I have all DVD, all books from to the movies, the novels and I store all magazine articles...(as a magazine junkie no big deal).

Today I got a little piece I found some weeks ago on Ebay. It is a supplement of a Japan Vogue from some years ago. Only 50 pages and I can't read a word, but I don't care, because the pictures are so beautiful...

Happy happy happy :-)

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  1. great pictures ♥