Racoon eyes...need help!

I have hooded eyes! Sounds like a disease, right? ;-) Well, actually this is nothing, but when it comes to eye make-up it makes me crazy. 

Here's the thing: my hooded eyes are not that bad, so I could actually use eyeliner. And I love eyeliner to make the eyes a little bigger. Problem is that due to the hooded eyes the eyeliner smudges after a while and I look like a racoon or just like a bad painted face...urgs! I hate that and I hate it to run to the restroom and do that eyeliner stuff again and again. 

I've tried so many different eyeliners from more different brands and nothing really worked. I also use an eyeshadow base from ARTDECO and I also tried to powder the lids....NOTHING! After a few hours...same thing!

Currently, I'm using only Maybelline - gel liner in black and brown and the master drama liner (blue and green)...like these: 

gel liner from Maybelline

The gel liner from Maybellin with the base works better then the rest, but it's not perfect yet.

Artdeco eyeshadow base

So, have you any idea, suggestion, recommendation for me what to try? What eyeliners and bases are you using? Please help!!! 

Thx in advance for every hint!

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