New Sole Mate...

Essie is really the best for nail polishes - for me at least ;-)! Really! But not just because of the colors...what I really like is how easy you can use it - the perfect brush for nails. I'm not really talented in doing my nails and usually I need more time after varnishing for removal of the lacquer from my fingers....but with Essie polish it's easier....even for me :-) Moreover the lacquer really dries off faster then other ones and there some lighter colors where you just need to varnish one time.

As I already told you - my absolutely favorite color is "Really Red". But since the new season started...and there are really so many beautiful colors out now...I gave away my heart to my new sole mate...

It's really dark plum and I love to wear it with golden rings!

What's your favorite nail color for autumn? Something like sole mate or are you going with the new neutrals?
Have a wonderful week!

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