At the weekend I received the September Glossybox in bright blue this time. Really nice color!

And the design is seasonable to the Octoberfest...really cute.

Actually, I'm thinking about cancelling the Glossybox abo. I'm not really sure, because I have always things in the box I'll never use....like lipstick, lipgloss, lipliner etc...I have tons of these now and don't know for what to use, because I never wear lipstick and I don't like it.

The nail foils are somehow cute, but not my thing! But the more I like the O.P.I. nail polish and the night creme...is always good to have. The hair spray is also really good. I like the smell and mine was empty last week - perfect timing. 

So, what do you think? Are you getting the Glossybox still? Satisfied or not? Or have you subscribed to another beauty box?

Hope you had a good start this week.


Racoon eyes...need help!

I have hooded eyes! Sounds like a disease, right? ;-) Well, actually this is nothing, but when it comes to eye make-up it makes me crazy. 

Here's the thing: my hooded eyes are not that bad, so I could actually use eyeliner. And I love eyeliner to make the eyes a little bigger. Problem is that due to the hooded eyes the eyeliner smudges after a while and I look like a racoon or just like a bad painted face...urgs! I hate that and I hate it to run to the restroom and do that eyeliner stuff again and again. 

I've tried so many different eyeliners from more different brands and nothing really worked. I also use an eyeshadow base from ARTDECO and I also tried to powder the lids....NOTHING! After a few hours...same thing!

Currently, I'm using only Maybelline - gel liner in black and brown and the master drama liner (blue and green)...like these: 

gel liner from Maybelline

The gel liner from Maybellin with the base works better then the rest, but it's not perfect yet.

Artdeco eyeshadow base

So, have you any idea, suggestion, recommendation for me what to try? What eyeliners and bases are you using? Please help!!! 

Thx in advance for every hint!


Sneak peak - Gina Tricot shoe collection

pic via Gina Tricot

Already some weeks ago Gina Tricot spread the news of the upcoming shoe collection. Few minutes ago I saw the first pictures. 

Well, it's what I expected to be honest. Nothing really new ( I mean, what should be new?!) and nothing really surprising - boots, pumps, studs, fringes.... Let's wait to see the rest of the collection and how the quality will be?! 

Anyway, I like the boots with the golden fringes, at least the picture. 

What do you think?


OOTD - Bermudas?!

I was really in a hurry this morning and so I took only a quick shot of my "Bermuda-outfit" today.

blouse, swaeter - Zara/ bermudas (old) - Mexx/ shoes - Zara Basic

Since shorts are sometimes just too short ;-) for business, I thought I could go with my old bermudas today. Now I think about shorten them a bit...just 2 or 3 cm. Not sure, but actually I don't like that lenght very much. What do you think? Are they ok or would you shorten them, too?

Well, are Bermudas still ok or not? I think they are always a good alternative for shorts...since they're not very appropriate in business and actually they don't look really pretty on my legs, too ;-).
So, what are your thoughts - Yes or No to Bermudas?

Have a good day all!


New Sole Mate...

Essie is really the best for nail polishes - for me at least ;-)! Really! But not just because of the colors...what I really like is how easy you can use it - the perfect brush for nails. I'm not really talented in doing my nails and usually I need more time after varnishing for removal of the lacquer from my fingers....but with Essie polish it's easier....even for me :-) Moreover the lacquer really dries off faster then other ones and there some lighter colors where you just need to varnish one time.

As I already told you - my absolutely favorite color is "Really Red". But since the new season started...and there are really so many beautiful colors out now...I gave away my heart to my new sole mate...

It's really dark plum and I love to wear it with golden rings!

What's your favorite nail color for autumn? Something like sole mate or are you going with the new neutrals?
Have a wonderful week!


Whitney Eve Spring 2013

No need to mention that I'm a huge Whitney Port fan and I'm always curious about what's next with Whitney Eve - her clothing line.

Like the last years too, she presented her new Spring 2013 collection yesterday on NYFW. Since I wasn't able to watch the show via live stream, I waited till the pictures came online. Just had a look on them ;-).

Well.....honestly....my first impression was: Hm...I liked the previous collections more. I don't know exactely what it is....maybe I don't like the colours too much and I'm not a huge fan of matchy matchy outfits...for my taste it's little too much in this collections. What I would buy are the oversize vests like in the pic below. Love them!

pic via Whitney Port
pic via Whitney Port

You can see the full collection of Whitney Eve here.

What do you think? Like it or not or only some pieces? Unlike in the previous collection from Whitney I miss the sparkle and the freshness in here somehow.


OOTD/ Today in Pink & Denim

Since I felt so cold in the office yesterday, I choose pink knit from H&M over a denim shirt today. Comfy and cozy mix and just added black pants and loafers.

knit, denim shirt - H&M/ pants - Vero Moda

Have a wonderful day all.


OOTD - Black & White

In my last outfit post I was also wearing this pants from H&M. Actually, they evolved to one of my favorites during the last weeks since the are so comfy and you can combine them with everything...for casual and business looks. And all this for just 9,95€ - great!

So this time I wear them with a white long silk blouse, blazer and my new loafers from Zara Basic. As you know, I'm not really good in jewellery, I've choosen a simple necklace with a black little stone and the matching black ring which I really love.

Sorry for the bad pic quality...it's so dark in our apartment and the camera is not the best :-).

blazer - no name, pants - H&M, blouse - Dorothy Perkins

necklace - Thomas Sabo, ring - Giorgio Martello, shoes - Zara Basic



Chilling on Sunday...

Enjoying the sunny weather, we made a little cycling tour yesterday along the Rhine. We found a cute little bar directly at the river and chilled for some hours in the deck chairs doing absolutely nothing. I really needed this since we hadn't a vacation this year.

wearing: shirt/ pants - H&M, necklace - Zara, shoes - old flats

A good preparation for a busy week.

Have a nice evening all.


DvF Spring 2013 - gypsy princess

I came back from a litte sunday trip right on time for Diane von Furstenberg's runway show Spring 2013 on Live Runway.  You can watch the full show again here.

"With the polish of a princess and the heart of a gypsy, she is an aristocratic dreamer..."
That totally describes the whole spring collection for me. All the looks are strong, colorful, but straight and feminin at the same time. Wonderful dresses, feminin overalls or even "dress and pants combinations" (which is not really a favorite of mine) could be seen on the runway.

The dresses, blouses, shirts and overalls appear overall through the blaze of the colors, I think. Combinations like grey and neon yellow, red and blue, turquoise and brown, red and yellow or neon yellow and neon pink are really a statement and very present in this collection. Besides those ensembles you can also find cute white dresses and shirt/ pant combinations or black&white print dresses and overalls which are casual, chic and very ladylike.

I totally love this collection and I try to save some money and maybe buy one of this fabulous dresses for  spring!

Here are my favorite looks from yesterdays' runway show DvF:

my favorite dress
my absolutely favorite look from the show....love it
all pics via DvF

Not forget to mention the beautiful bags shown during the show! Must have piece on my list for next spring....hopefully ;-)

What I really like about DvF collections is the down-to-earthness, glamour, strong, but playful attitude the looks create...I imagine Diane von Furstenberg totally like this! I love that!

Do you like the spring collection? Already picked a fav?


For two...

Honestly, I don't wear a lot of jewellery, so I don't buy a lot of rings, bracelets or necklaces....It's not that I don't like accessoires, but I just don't have a good knack for jewellery, I guess. But I try to find some more pieces I like and find good outfit + jewellery combinations. Guess, will be a trial and error thing for me ;-).

So, here's one piece I found recently and I really like the ring for two. It's from Nelly. Currently I like gold a little more. Above all with red nails. On this photo I'm wearing "Really Red" from Essie which is one of my "goes always and with everything" and favorite nail polishes.

ring from Nelly/ nail polish - Essie - Really Red

Are you wearing a lot of jewellery? What are your favorite pieces?

Have a nice weekend.


Should I wear my grandma's jackets?

Since it's getting colder and colder I already started looking for AW jackets...unfortunately! And of course, I saw some quilted jackets on the runways and in magazines already, but I guess I somehow ignore them subliminally.

But now, browsing through the stores I just couldn't help but wonder: What about those jackets? Why do we wear them (again)? They just remind me on my granny..I love my granny, don't get me wrong...but do I really need to wear the same jackets as my grandma?! I don't know.....?!

all pics via the stores
From left upper corner clockwise:
  1. Zara
  2. Asos
  3. Nelly
  4. Dorothy Perkins
  5. Topshop
  6. Barbour via Zalando
Maybe I can be convinced during autumn when I see them more often and I'll get used to it somehow ;-), but for now this is a trend for AW I totally don't get!

What do you think? Do you like quilted jackets, bags etc. and buy one or will you ignore this trend?
Have a nice evening all.