Pop Art & Comic Inspirations

I'm a huge fan of the (very) old comic series like Spiderman, Batman, The Smurfs etc. and my all time favorite always was and still is Scooby Doo :-) But I never read comic books a lot. I guess, that's not necessary to like the new comic inspired fashion trend. 

Somehow, I like the combination of "comic" tops and "ladylike" pants or pencil skirts. It's casual with denim, of course, but a lot more fun to wear with something not so "obvious".

There are lot of really cool pieces to shop this time, like:

all pics the only stores

Yesterday, I found a lovely shirt from Only.

Do you like the comic prints or do you think it's for kids only?

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  1. Wow I like it!!!!!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥