James Bond and his nail polish....O.P.I Skyfall

"James Bond - Skyfall" is coming to the theatres on November 1rst...I love James Bond...well, Daniel Craig isn't the best 007 - but anyway, I could always watch a Bond! 

I don't know if James would care about nail polish, probably not, but maybe he cares what lacquer the Bond girl is wearing. After all, the Bond girl needs to be classy and elegant. A girl with style!
This year, James Bond has to handle 3 girls....Naomie Harris (co-agent), Bérénice Marlohe (bad girl) and Tonia Sotiropoulou (another Bond-playmate?). 

Well, maybe O.P.I. thought that the we all have a little Bond girl in us and decided to launch the "Skyfall collection" that includes 12 shades named after Bond movies such as:
Skyfall, GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, Casino Royale, You Only Live Twice, Die Another Day, Live and Let Die, Tomorrow Never Dies, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Living Daylights, Moonraker and The World is Not Enough.

pics via Elle

I have only found pics from these six colors so far and I'm curious how the others will look like. The collection is available from mid September. Although my favorite movie ("Thunderball" and "From Russia with Love") didn't make it into the collection ;-) - I would pick "Live and Let Die" or "Tomorrow Never Dies" as my favorites, so far (depends on the rest of the collection ;-)). 

Which color do you like most? Is your favorite Bond movie in the collection? 

From Cologne with Love ;-)


  1. das dritte gefällt mir sehr :)
    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du auch meinen Blog besuchen würdest, vielleicht gefällt er dir :-)
    -> Mein Blog

  2. Hi, für mich wäre es der letzte in der unteren Reihe, also wohl "Tomorrow never dies", nicht wegen dem Film, sondern wegen der Farbe. Lg, die Modeoma