Codello & The Peanuts

pic via Codello

Who doesn't love Snoopy and Charlie Brown? I guess, everyone like these cute, little eccentric guys from The Peanuts....and so does Codello!

The made a collection of scarfs, foulards, gloves and caps printed with the world of the Peanuts. So lovely, funny and will make the cold days a little easier to survive ;-).

all pics via Codello
Love! Love! Love!

Floral print on Monday

Mondays are bad enough....so I tried to raise my spirit wearing my favorite floral pants from Zara.

shirt - H&M/ Blazer - no name/ pants - Zara/ shoes - H&M

I really like these pants...unfortunately the widen after a while, but I also didn't want to buy it a size smaller, because I would look like a head cheese during the first hours ;-(.

My accessoires today:

bracelets...were a present/ ring - was a present
Have a nice and sunny week all.


Stars on my shoulders....

Tried to make some pics this morning with my phone before I hurried to work....nothing fancy...I had a very casual business day without meetings. I always take advantage of such a day to go as casual as possible in the office....

Today, I really like my square blouse from Guess that as little stars and square studded on the shoulders and my red chinos, black blazer and black flats....ready to go.

very casual business day outfit

blouse - Guess/ chino - Mango/ Blazer - no name/ bracelet - Mango

lovely little studs on my shouders

bracelet from Mango (old)

It's home time! Have a nice evening all!


Vote for me! ...Fashion hunt @Otto

Fashion hunt season has started!

On Two for Fashion I read about the Fashion hunt....you create your own outfits with the trendy pieces from Otto and hopefully a lot of people vote for your outfit....BECAUSE, you can win a Otto Fashion abo...that means you can shop for 500€ every months and not only 1 or 2 months....NO, a whole year each months for 500€. Incredible!

You don't need to be sad if you're not the winner, because there are a lot more prices as you can read here.
And you can even win by voting for others! Already did this....you'll find really great outfits....just have a look and create your own collage.

So, if you like my outfit please vote me here ;-). It's my "Sunday Picnic" outfit!

my Outfit @OttoFashion Hunt
Have fun and don't forget voting!

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Favorite summer dress....

Some weeks ago I found a really pretty dress from Zalando Collection, but hadn't the chance to wear it so far. But today I made it :-).

pic via Zalando
Since I'm at the office today and it's Friday....I just pulled it over and that's it. Nothing fancy, but comfy for a hot day in the office without air conditioning ;-(.

denim shirt - Romwe; dress - Zalando; shoes - Buffalo, watch - Marc Jacobs

As you can see, I'm still trying to get used to outfit posts....I just don't get it ;-) But I promise to do my best to get better!

Have a nice sunny Friday!


In love with Carla... or Stine?!

On my raid through the www yesterday, I found so many beautiful things....wish I could order them all. But since I really need to safe some money I self-imposed a shopping stop for now and just carefully think what I really want/ need for AW12.

So, this is just to look at ;-( and love secretely! How beautiful these Stine Goya dresses are! Ahhhh.....I love the colours and the oversized style...Carla and me would be a "dream team"!

Pic via Nelly

As if that weren't enough....Carla is a twin....with a lovely pattern and great colours, too!

Pic via Nelly
Thanks Stine and I love you Carla ;-).
Your admirer K.


Hello Autumn....

you're welcome!
I found my favorite cardigan to even enjoy the colder times - I wish I had found it earlier this year ;-(.

pic via Impressionen
This Denim&Supply Ralph Lauren cardigan is my absolute favorite cardigan for this AW. It looks so comfy and perfect to wear with all denim you have....Love it!


Knotted/ by Mary Lane

Last week I ordered a sweet pink bracelet that I saw several times before at Mary Lane. It's not only Leni's blog, but she's also doing jewellery and really nice jewellery! Bracelets and necklaces and earrings....special ones you can also buy on DaWanda.

So cute!
Thx again Leni!


James Bond and his nail polish....O.P.I Skyfall

"James Bond - Skyfall" is coming to the theatres on November 1rst...I love James Bond...well, Daniel Craig isn't the best 007 - but anyway, I could always watch a Bond! 

I don't know if James would care about nail polish, probably not, but maybe he cares what lacquer the Bond girl is wearing. After all, the Bond girl needs to be classy and elegant. A girl with style!
This year, James Bond has to handle 3 girls....Naomie Harris (co-agent), Bérénice Marlohe (bad girl) and Tonia Sotiropoulou (another Bond-playmate?). 

Well, maybe O.P.I. thought that the we all have a little Bond girl in us and decided to launch the "Skyfall collection" that includes 12 shades named after Bond movies such as:
Skyfall, GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, Casino Royale, You Only Live Twice, Die Another Day, Live and Let Die, Tomorrow Never Dies, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Living Daylights, Moonraker and The World is Not Enough.

pics via Elle

I have only found pics from these six colors so far and I'm curious how the others will look like. The collection is available from mid September. Although my favorite movie ("Thunderball" and "From Russia with Love") didn't make it into the collection ;-) - I would pick "Live and Let Die" or "Tomorrow Never Dies" as my favorites, so far (depends on the rest of the collection ;-)). 

Which color do you like most? Is your favorite Bond movie in the collection? 

From Cologne with Love ;-)

Vogue September issue 2012 - Lady Gaga cover

That Lady Gaga will be on US Vogue's cover for the September issue this year was already published some weeks ago. Now the cover was revealed:

pic via Vogue
Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott she presents herself really like a Lady and not Gaga...I really like these pictures so far and I'm excited for the series in Vogue.

Unfortunately, I have to wait a little longer to hold the biggest US Vogue (with 916 pages!) issue in my hands since the shipping from US takes a while ;-(. Anyway...it's worth to wait!

pic via Vogue
Have a nice day!


TOP 10 - Studded booties...

Rivets are a big thing for months....on jeans, on jackets, shorts, shirts, skirts....whatever....put them all over! Currently, they can be seen on booties quite often....

Here are my TOP 10:

all pics via the respective online stores
  1. Blink via Nelly
  2. Konzept by Koah via Zalando
  3. AirStep via Zalando
  4. Kennel & Schmenger via Zalando
  5. Zara
  6. Zara
  7. Zalando Collection
  8. Twin Set via Zalando
  9. Pastelle via Sarenza
  10. Chloé via MyTheresa
Are you head over heels with studs? Which one are you favorites?

Have a nice day!


River Island AW12 - Loobook

Summer hasn't really begun yet and since I'm not very optimistic that we will have a real nice summer, I started to to enjoy the publications of all the new lookbooks for AW12.

This one here - from River Island - is one of my favorites so far. 

The collection is a real nice mix of different trends. One topic is "Baroque" this autumn. I'm surprised how easy and elegant it looks, although I connect Baroque always to a certain heaviness and overload. Next to baroque princess there's baroque punk which is more streetstyle.More streetstyle is the "Downtown fashion blogger", too. This trend is a lot matchy matchy of colors, textures and patterns and looks very interesting to me. Not so exciting is the "goth-futuristic-trend" for me, but only because it's not my style.

I really love this lookbook and can't wait till the pieces are available online. But see yourself in the lookbook above or on River Island AW 12 preview.

Which lookbooks are you favorites so far?

Have a nice Monday!


A tiny bit of neon...

...to let simple outfits shine a little more.

Usally, I don't wear a lot accessoires and in case I do, it's only little things...quiet and understated. During the last time I tried a bit more and bought some statement rings, necklaces and a watch.

This one is from H&M and actually it's not really a statement, except for me ;-). I like the colours and that it's so "big" although it has some more chains....

neon necklace from H&M
Are you wearing more statement accessoires or do you go with understatement?

New in/ Leather pants from Muubaa

I saw and read about Muubaa for several times on different bogs before and just checked it out some weeks ago. Suddenly I felt in love with a leather pants that even was on sale. Right after that, I saw this perfect pants on Yara from this Chick's got style (one of my favorite blogs) and she was so nice to let me know that this is exactly the pants I was looking for. Thx again, Yara :-).

Unfortunatly, it was sold in my size and so I tried to optimistic and ordered a smaller one ;-). Stupid me!!! Too optimistic ;-). Then I ordered another one in my size, but this one wasn't exactely what I was looking for ;-(.

So, I tried my last chance - Ebay. And finally, I found my loved ones on the UK site in my size. And what's best - for less then it was in sale.

So, Rome wasn't built in a day....here they are:

Leather pants from Muubaa

Lucky me. The only things was that the small hook closure was missing. But no big deal, I'll bring it to my tailor.
little hook missing
What I really like are the zippers at the legs.

This is the perfect leather pants and it was totally worth it to wait that long...


Looking forward - Zara AW12 with Freja

I think there was not only one piece I wouldn't like to buy from the last Zara lookbooks. Unfortunately! Of course, it's the same again with the new AW12 lookbook and it's only getting worse since Freja Beha Erichsen is Zara's new model....I'd love to look only a tiny little bit like her in the new AW collection (you need to have dreams!).

pic via Zara
Since this summer is more like autumn anyways...here we have a good reason to don't care about this sad fact anymore. For all I care, we can have autumn now! 

My wishlist is jam-packed...I just need to wait for some money...

New in/ MARC by Marc Jacobs watch

Now I love to see how time flies by....

I love this watch....


CLOSER - Scott Schumann

The Sartorialist's 2nd book is out now - CLOSER - and I can't wait to hold it in my hands. 
I love those illustrated books as you may know ;-). They are always such an inspiration and it really brings me down after work to just leaf through...it's a litte relief somehow! 

This is one of the few things take make me really turn myself off...I could spend day and night sighting books, magazines, photo books etc. 

And of course, I love the first Scott Schumann book and so it wasn't a questions to order this one, too. 
all pics and order via Amazon

There's also a Special Edition of the CLOSER! which is not available via Amazon at the moment. I'd love to buy this one, but since it's a bit more expensive, I guess I have to wait for Christmas ;-).

pic via Amazon

What's you favorite coffee table book?

Reading/ 25 years of FASHION NOW

My little Fashion/ Designer lexicon....FASHION Now 25 Years!

Actually, this book is not new - there were already publications from Terry Jones before. The UK-magazine i-D summarized the greatest designer and the coolest newcomers of the fashion scene. This book is kind of a lexicon which gives a perfect overview - short biographies of designers in German, English and French and also respective pictures from great photographers from collections and catwalks. 

You read and learn ;-). 

Pop Art & Comic Inspirations

I'm a huge fan of the (very) old comic series like Spiderman, Batman, The Smurfs etc. and my all time favorite always was and still is Scooby Doo :-) But I never read comic books a lot. I guess, that's not necessary to like the new comic inspired fashion trend. 

Somehow, I like the combination of "comic" tops and "ladylike" pants or pencil skirts. It's casual with denim, of course, but a lot more fun to wear with something not so "obvious".

There are lot of really cool pieces to shop this time, like:

all pics the only stores

Yesterday, I found a lovely shirt from Only.

Do you like the comic prints or do you think it's for kids only?