I pack my suitcase and take with me: bikinis

It's already getting colder these days, especially in the mornings. Hopefully summer isn't over yet, because I finally found and ordered three (actually four, but one is already dismissed) bikinis and thrown my old ones away. 

Now, I don't know which one/ ones to take?! The agony of choice! 

What do you think? Here they are: 

Asos - apple print
Flower print and high waist:

I'm really not sure - is this leo too much for a bikini?! Actually, it doesn't look that bad, but...ahhh - What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Have a great evening!



Flash Sale @Romwe - only $14.99 on more then 30 pieces

Hi lovies,
Friday starts the super slim price flash sale! Only 48 hours! Hot items back season! Only $14.99!
48-hour Hot items Flash Sale at $14.99!

Romwe--Latest High Street Fashion Online
Flash Sale @Romwe

Go and get your favorite pieces!

Have a great weekend!


Saving for/ Red suit from Hugo

Not spending money for over six months was like a little therapy for me. Really! Before, I spent so much money on pieces I didn't really cared about and after being forced to save a little more, I really recognized that I don't need all those pieces to find something in my closet. There are already man pieces in there. Sounds a little weird, I know, but it was really a little eye-opening for me not having any money to spend.

So, I started making a wish list for pieces, I'd really like to buy and need to save some money for.

Here's my first wish for which I have to save a little longer. It's a red suit from HUGO. I saw it in Grazia magazine and totally felt in love.

red suit HUGO (pic via online store)

Doesn't it look really cool and powerful? I love the red hue and the straight cut. You can perfectly wear the pants with just a simple white shirt or the blazer with denim and it would be a great outfit still. For me, the perfect two pieces to safe some money for.
Iconic Blazer from HUGO (pic via online store)

Iconic suit pants (pic via online store)

The blazer is 379,00 € and the pants 179,95€.

Have a wonderful day!