Office outfit alternative - Bermuda shorts and culottes

Working in an office without air condition during summer can be really heated. So I'm always looking for appropriate alternatives to long suit pants. Well, you can wear skirts (not minis), but I guess that's it!

A few years ago I've worn bermuda shorts, but it seemed like they disappeared from the closets. Now they are back and not only as the short version of the suit pant with a crease. They come in all colors and prints and what I like even more, the wider cut - the CULOTTE!

I found some really great pieces of classic bermuda shorts and culottes which are definitely not only for an office outfit.

Favorite classic and printed bermuda shorts:

Bild 1 von ASOS – Lange Shorts mit geometrischem Druckmuster
printed long shorts via Asos
long shorts with flower print via Asos
classic bermuda shorts via J.Crew

Favorite culottes:

denim skater culottes via Farfetch
culottes via Zara

tailored culottes via Topshop

culottes from Chloé via Net-a-porter
culottes via Asos

culottes from Wood Wood via Asos

I still need to decide which one to buy. What's your favorite?

Have a sunny day all.

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  1. I love Bermudas. Great post :o)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*