Dungarees: construction worker or not at all?

When I first saw dungarees appearing on the streets and on pics again, I wasn't really happy to be honest. I never had one pair of dungarees in my whole life. For no special reason, but I always thought that they're not very flattering and they can make you look really clumsy. And I thought, I looked clumsy enough even without dungarees in that time. 

Well, this time you wear them with heels and chic tops like suede blouses or shirts. A lot more ladylike, of course! And this makes it more interesting for me. Although I still have my doubts if this will suit me, but I'll give it a try and order some pieces and try them :-). No prejudices anymore! 

So here are some very lovely dungarees to consider: 

Denim dungarees: 
Asos, AJC, H.I.S, Topshop

Leather dungarees:

Asos, Whistles

printed and colored dungarees: 

Asos, River Island, Asos

special denim dungarees: 

Asos, Current/ Elliott, Pepe Jeans
all pics via the respective online stores

What do you think about dungarees? Love it or hate it?

Have a wonderful day all.

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  1. Love this! I wish I could pull off dungarees, they always look so chic and fab! So jealous of all those beautiful models!

    Following now from your link on IFB ,lovely blog!

    Kassie xo