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I don't know exactly how many Fashion Communities exist? Definitely a lot! I admit, I often join these networks, but don't use them on a regular basis. That's always the first sign that it's maybe not for me and I think, you don't have to be part of every network, right?! Better choose one you really like and have fun using it frequently.

Such a network is STYLIGHT.de for me. Maybe my European readers know this fashion community already?! Stylight is not only a fashion community, but also also kind of a search engine. If you have no clue where to find the right pair of heels....Stylight! Looking for a special bag and you don't want to check all your favorite online stores....Stylight! 

Whatever you are looking for...you will definitely find it here even if you didn't know that you were looking for it :-) (Well, that's not always good for the bank account, believe me). Anyway...you can also "heart" all items you see while browsing and collect them on your profile. So, you won't forget any single piece you maybe like. 

So far, so good....this is what you can also find within other fashion communities. But what's new and really useful for all bloggers are the BOARDS you can create. 


Besides all the items you find on STYLIGHT, you can add your own pics, videos, sayings and also quotations to your boards. In case you wrote a post about your outfit or whatever your board shows, you can also add the link of it to your boards. That's really great! I like that idea. Above all, it's so easy to create a nice board for an outfit post on your own blog or just an outfit idea, you want to share with the community or keep in mind for future outfits....there are no limits to your creativity. 

You can also share the boards on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or mail it. Currently, there's no download available, but you can easily make a screenshot of your board and add a link to your Stylight profile in your post. 

So, here's my first board: Girls in pink (and stripes) 

Girls Board

I tried to use all features to show you everything, but of course, you don't have to. What do you think? Like my board ;-)? 

Have you tried it yet or even using it very often?! I'd love to hear what you think. Let me know when you've tried it. I'm pretty sure that I'll use it more often now. Above all as inspiration. Maybe not for outfit posts all the time, because the quality of the pictures suffers a little from uploading, screen shooting etc. I guess, this will be better when a download feature is available. 

Have a wonderful day all! 

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