Cracked my personal sports record :-)

I can't believe that I really made it to do some sports 7 days in a row! Wohoooo! You probably think: "WTF. This is nothing special." Well maybe for you, but for me this is a little something, because I have never done sports for 7 days in a row. Honestly! NEVER! 

I never was the sporty kind. Even not in school. I was good in finding reasons not to take part in sports lesssons. If I could avoid sports, I did. After school I did nothing! Then I had a short cycling period, but after a bad crash I gave that up again. Two years ago, I started with some pilates courses. I went to the gym once a week, but somehow I felt so bored and so not motivated, I stopped doing pilates, too. 

So, you see, it's almost two years ago that I have done sports. Honestly, I also never felt like I need to some sports although I'm really not satisfied with what I see in the mirror and I love food! But somehow it was still ok for me the way it was. Maybe it's because I still think that I can eat a lot and nothing happens on the scale - like it was in former times. Guess, I have to admit that since I'm  over 30 this has changed ;-). Well, my BF is a lot more sporty then me and I really admire his discipline when it comes to sports. He is doing little exercises every day. And since I was a little bitchy from time to time during the last weeks (what is, because I'm still looking for a job, I have too much time to think and do nothing for me really), he suggested that we should do some sports together...to distract me a little, so to say ;-). I should try this for 4 weeks and if I still don't like it and nothing has changed, he won't bother me anymore ;-). 

Well, fair enough and nothing to loose. We decided to go for David Kirsch's 7 days programme! 

Every day, but only 30 minutes. That's a nice approach and every day different exercises for all the different muscles parts! Sounds good and I thought that I would easily do this! Wrong thought! Very wrong! 

First day exercises were for legs, belly and butt and after 10 minutes I was so exhausted that it shocked me more then anyone else. I never expected that I'm in that bad physical shape, but it was like an eye opener for me and motivates me now even more. So, we did our little training every morning, although I had the feeling my muscles were bursting into little pieces even while still lying in the bed. 

our gym equipment: free weights, tubes and exercise mat

Jonesy is very supportive :-)

Well, after seven days I have to say that I'm really glad my BF convinced me to do this. Sure, I still feel all my muscles and it is not always a good feeling ;-), but I can already see a little results and that's really important for me. I don't want to loose weight in first place, but I'd like to be more fitter and healthier and I'd love to have toned thighs and belly. Looks like it's going to work so far! 

I will post my result after the 4th weeks and hopefully with really good results! :-) Cross your fingers that I stick to this!

My training clothing

Adidas shoes

top - Nike/ pants - Adidas (as you see ;-))

Are doing any sports? What are you up to? Let me know and maybe you can give me some good advices for motivation :-)!? 

Have a wonderful week! 

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  1. Your dog is so cute! haha My new years resolution was to work out more, and I've been doing it ever since, it feels great!:)
    good luck!