About resolutions and giving up

The first year of the 2013 is nearly over and honestly it took me some time to write down my resolutions.

Actually, I wrote down some things like the years before, but those were all things like: do more sports, loose some pounds, take care of your closet etc. All things I already wanted to do last year, too, but never did! So, I guess, it's time for a little change now, because I knew that I will never do more sports and I have a lack of discipline to loose weight....that's me. Sad but true! :-) 

So, here are some things I really want to do this year:

  1. Find a new job, but one that I really like. 
  2. Move and find a nice appartment. That's what we already planned for last year, too :-(.
  3. Find a way to figure out who I really am and just be me then. I don't want to care and worry so much anymore. 
  4. Living a little healthier :-). 
  5. Take more time for my family and friends
  6. Read more books
  7. Visiting museums and exhibitions more often. 
  8. Vacation! After two years without vacation it is really time to see something different. 
  9. Don't follow all trends. Figure out what I really love and safe some money for these pieces. (I guess, I will make a wishlist for 2013 that I can stick to. Will take me some time :-).)
  10. Taking a photography and/ or writing class.
  11. Make a new layout (and finally create a real header) for My Moonriver.  
First step to the writing class 

Sounds like a plan and lot's of work, but I'm really looking forward to do something new and exciting this year. 

So, are you making a list or do you just see what this year holds for you?! Let me know what your resolutions are. I'm curious! :-)

Have a wonderful evening!

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