January recap @Instagram

The first month is already over...time flies! 

Since I'm still at home and looking for a job, this was a very quiet month for me. After our Christmas trip, we spent New Years Eve at home and just relaxed the first few days of 2013. 
My resolutions also include to improve my writing skills and so I bought "Writing for the Fashion business". I'm working on it! 

During the 2nd week I cleaned our apartment and made a hot deal with the Lala Berlin jumper. We spend some nights out for dinner and finally got a new phone (my mom was already freaking out :-)). 

We had to admit that we gained some pounds and after a few bitchy days of mine ;-), my BF convinced me finally to start the "David Kirsch 7 day programme" - 2 weeks done ;-). Nevetheless, I enjoyed my favorite Ben & Jerry's. I can never resist! 

The last week of January started with the exhibition "Schuhtick" for me. (Post will follow soon.) I really enjoyed learning so many interesting things about the history of our LOVE :-). Really great exhibition! Another night, we spend with friends who made Sushi for us....so yummie and a very funny evening, of course.

Hopefully, I will find a new job next months or at least any chance to earn some money....it's cruel not to buy anything in those sale times ;-(.

Hope you all had a great start in 2013!
Have a wonderful evening.


Minju Kim wins H&M Design Award 2013

The 26 year old Minju Kim from Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp was announced as the winner of the H&M DESIGN AWARD 2013. The Korean won 50.000 € and the chance to present her collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm.  

Her collection "Dear my friend" is inspired by Japanese Manga cartoons, obviouslyColorful and interesting shapes, crazy gorgeous shoes and funny hats - she created a playful and "good mood" collection. The collection will be available in stores and online in autumn this year. 

My favorite looks from the collection are above all the dresses: 

all pics and info via H&M Press

See the complete show from MBFW in Stockholm here.

What do you think? Like it?



REMAKE: Gina Tricot & Nordic School of Design cooperation

"Haute Couture", "Wearability" and "Exclusiveness" characterizes the new cooperation between Gina Tricot and the Nordic School of Design. 

REMAKE 2013 is a limited edition and sadly only available in Stockholm and Kopenhagen :-(. 

The collection is inspired by the 20ies and contains beautiful dresses, blouses, blazers and pants as well as amazing shoes. 

all pics via Gina Tricot

See the whole lookbook on Gina Tricot. Aren't these beautiful?! I wish I could be in Sweden these days!


Outfit post via STYLIGHT.de

I don't know exactly how many Fashion Communities exist? Definitely a lot! I admit, I often join these networks, but don't use them on a regular basis. That's always the first sign that it's maybe not for me and I think, you don't have to be part of every network, right?! Better choose one you really like and have fun using it frequently.

Such a network is STYLIGHT.de for me. Maybe my European readers know this fashion community already?! Stylight is not only a fashion community, but also also kind of a search engine. If you have no clue where to find the right pair of heels....Stylight! Looking for a special bag and you don't want to check all your favorite online stores....Stylight! 

Whatever you are looking for...you will definitely find it here even if you didn't know that you were looking for it :-) (Well, that's not always good for the bank account, believe me). Anyway...you can also "heart" all items you see while browsing and collect them on your profile. So, you won't forget any single piece you maybe like. 

So far, so good....this is what you can also find within other fashion communities. But what's new and really useful for all bloggers are the BOARDS you can create. 


Besides all the items you find on STYLIGHT, you can add your own pics, videos, sayings and also quotations to your boards. In case you wrote a post about your outfit or whatever your board shows, you can also add the link of it to your boards. That's really great! I like that idea. Above all, it's so easy to create a nice board for an outfit post on your own blog or just an outfit idea, you want to share with the community or keep in mind for future outfits....there are no limits to your creativity. 

You can also share the boards on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or mail it. Currently, there's no download available, but you can easily make a screenshot of your board and add a link to your Stylight profile in your post. 

So, here's my first board: Girls in pink (and stripes) 

Girls Board

I tried to use all features to show you everything, but of course, you don't have to. What do you think? Like my board ;-)? 

Have you tried it yet or even using it very often?! I'd love to hear what you think. Let me know when you've tried it. I'm pretty sure that I'll use it more often now. Above all as inspiration. Maybe not for outfit posts all the time, because the quality of the pictures suffers a little from uploading, screen shooting etc. I guess, this will be better when a download feature is available. 

Have a wonderful day all! 


OOTD/ Lala Berlin jumper and shorts

We were so hungry yesterday evening that we decided to go out for dinner to one of our favorite Thai restaurants here....yummie as always :-). We took some quick outfit pics at the river before dinner. I wasn't very patient since I was starving, so pls excuse the bad photo quality once more ;-). 

ZARA coat

jumper - Lala Berlin

shorts - H&M 

Boots - H&M/ bag - Liebeskind Berlin

Have a wonderful evening all!

Vanessa Paradis for H&M Conscious campaign

Gorgeous Vanessa Paradis is the new face for the H&M Conscious Collection campaign. Could there be a better one?! NO! I think, she is the perfect match for the new H&M collection that will hit the stores on March 25th. She loves and wears Vintage anyway, so she's really a believable woman for the campaign. 

See the video to sneek a peak of some more pieces. 



Glossybox January 2013 - Around the beauty world

Got my first Glossybox this year "Around the beauty world!"

Actually, I would have decided for different products regarding the theme, but the samples are nice anyway.

  • MB BEAUTY Make-up brush - is always useful
  • EUCERIN Sun Protection Sun Creme 30/50 - perfect for the bag when you're on the road
  • LA SULTANA DE SABA Ginger Green Tea Body Lotion - smells so good
  • MODEL CO Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner - will be a present for a friend, since I don't use lipstick
  • SCHOENENBERGER Nature cosmetics - Shampoo - smells so yummie too
  • as a special present: Healing earth mask with gold camomile - this is great, because I use such poultices once a week

Great start in 2013 for Glossybox, too ;-). What was in your box? 
And I really really like the Glossy Mag which comes with the box. This month you'll find nice hair styles from all over the world in it. 

Have a nice evening. 

Cracked my personal sports record :-)

I can't believe that I really made it to do some sports 7 days in a row! Wohoooo! You probably think: "WTF. This is nothing special." Well maybe for you, but for me this is a little something, because I have never done sports for 7 days in a row. Honestly! NEVER! 

I never was the sporty kind. Even not in school. I was good in finding reasons not to take part in sports lesssons. If I could avoid sports, I did. After school I did nothing! Then I had a short cycling period, but after a bad crash I gave that up again. Two years ago, I started with some pilates courses. I went to the gym once a week, but somehow I felt so bored and so not motivated, I stopped doing pilates, too. 

So, you see, it's almost two years ago that I have done sports. Honestly, I also never felt like I need to some sports although I'm really not satisfied with what I see in the mirror and I love food! But somehow it was still ok for me the way it was. Maybe it's because I still think that I can eat a lot and nothing happens on the scale - like it was in former times. Guess, I have to admit that since I'm  over 30 this has changed ;-). Well, my BF is a lot more sporty then me and I really admire his discipline when it comes to sports. He is doing little exercises every day. And since I was a little bitchy from time to time during the last weeks (what is, because I'm still looking for a job, I have too much time to think and do nothing for me really), he suggested that we should do some sports together...to distract me a little, so to say ;-). I should try this for 4 weeks and if I still don't like it and nothing has changed, he won't bother me anymore ;-). 

Well, fair enough and nothing to loose. We decided to go for David Kirsch's 7 days programme! 

Every day, but only 30 minutes. That's a nice approach and every day different exercises for all the different muscles parts! Sounds good and I thought that I would easily do this! Wrong thought! Very wrong! 

First day exercises were for legs, belly and butt and after 10 minutes I was so exhausted that it shocked me more then anyone else. I never expected that I'm in that bad physical shape, but it was like an eye opener for me and motivates me now even more. So, we did our little training every morning, although I had the feeling my muscles were bursting into little pieces even while still lying in the bed. 

our gym equipment: free weights, tubes and exercise mat

Jonesy is very supportive :-)

Well, after seven days I have to say that I'm really glad my BF convinced me to do this. Sure, I still feel all my muscles and it is not always a good feeling ;-), but I can already see a little results and that's really important for me. I don't want to loose weight in first place, but I'd like to be more fitter and healthier and I'd love to have toned thighs and belly. Looks like it's going to work so far! 

I will post my result after the 4th weeks and hopefully with really good results! :-) Cross your fingers that I stick to this!

My training clothing

Adidas shoes

top - Nike/ pants - Adidas (as you see ;-))

Are doing any sports? What are you up to? Let me know and maybe you can give me some good advices for motivation :-)!? 

Have a wonderful week! 


Vogue Germany with DVD - "Diana Vreeland - The eye has to travel"

An hour ago I came back from my morning walk with Jonesy (what I really enjoy with all that snow ;-)) detouring to the kiosk, because the February issue from VOGUE Germany is out today AND it includes the DVD of "Diana Vreeland - The eye has to travel".

Thank you very much, dear Vogue! I'm really really happy and know what to watch this evening.

See the official trailer on YouTube.

Enjoy and keep your eyes open ;-).


OOTD/ All black and a little light

Just a quick outfit post today from yesterday's outfit. I was out for dinner with my lovely friend Teresa and time flew by too fast again :-(.

My favorite shaggy jumper from Dorothy Perkins/ shirt - H&M

Once again - my Muubaa leather pants ;-)/ boots - from last year, no name

Have a wonderful day!
K. :-)


Stripes, stripes and stripes

I know this is not the breaking news....WE NEED STRIPES! But since I wanna focus on less pieces (to safe a little money), I need to decide if I should go for a shirt, jumper, skirt or pants with stripes. Therefore I collected some of my favorites and like to know what you think.

Here we go for striped tops:

all pics via the respective online stores

Skirt and dresses with stripes:

all pics via the respective online stores

Favorite striped pants:

all pics via the respective online stores

or striped shoes?!:

all pics via the respective online stores

So, what do you think of striped clothing? Do or Don't? Looking at the pictures, I guess my favorites will be a blazer or pants or better one of the skirts - hmmm - not sure yet! What would you pick for me and for you? 

Have a wonderful Friday evening! 


Favorites from WEEKDAY Sale

It's SALE time everywhere and it's really hard to resist. But just because I need to safe some money doesn't mean you can't overindulge the mania! 

I just checked out the WEEKDAY SALE and they reduced really a lot items up to 75%. I found some really pretty pieces....but...yeah I know :-(. 

What I would if I could ;-):

sleeveless jacket - now 260€ (was 520€)
Baltus trousers - now 50€ (was 200€)
Gent shoes - now 27,50€ (was 110€)
PC Vogue Skirt - now 17,50€ (was 35€)
Edith Feather Blouse - now 50€ (was 100€)
all pics via WEEKDAY

And there's also lots of jewellery you should checkout! So, check out if there's a store near your place and go grab some bargains....good luck! 

Have a wonderful evening all.