Discovering Bobbi Brown

Usually, I use Clinique for make-up, but since it's nearly empty now I thought I might check out Bobbi Brown, because I've read a lot about her and the products during the last weeks. Sneaking through the city anyway, I just made a stop at the little stand of Bobbi Brown in the mall (there are no Bobbi Brown stores, just stands). 

Lucky me, the really really nice girl at the stand (also named Katharina ;-)) had some time and she made my make-up completely new with the Bobbi Brown products. It was really great and I learned some new tricks, since I'm not really a pro when it comes to make-up. 

Unfortunately, I have not really nice skin. To be honest....sometimes I look like I'm still in my puberty. Ahhhh and even now in my age ;-) it's not getting better. That's why I decided for BB Cream SPF 35. And I was really surprised how good the coverage is. I made some disappointing experiences with common BB Creams here, but this one is really great. 

For the little spots that can't be covered with the BB Cream I have the Face Touch Up Stick

Needless to say that she applied the Corrector and the Concealer for the eyes before using the BB Cream. She recommended the Corrector before applying the creamy Concealer and then setting the powder (Creamy Concealer Kit). 

I already love these products. I did my make up with my new products this morning and I'm really happy about them. Of course, the products are not low-priced, but they have a really good quality, very good incredients and they feel really light on your skin. 

Maybe this is not necessary if you have a nice skin and don't need special treatment, but I always pay attention using products with high quality. My skin will be thankful! 

What products do you use? Low-price or more expensive ones? Do you think they are worth it? 

Have a wonderful day all! 


  1. I Love Bobbi Brown Make up! I actually use a good combo of High End make up and drug store. I love Maybeline Mascara, more than the Dior Mascara that I used to use!
    Great Blog!

  2. Ich habe auch Spezialhaut ;-) und nutze alles, was nicht komedogen ist und es ist mir relativ egal, was es kostet, wenn es hilft. Also Panoxyl mit BPO, dann Diadermine PINK für den Tag, dann Normaderm Make Up extra hell und schönes Clinique Rouge oder von Sephora. Damit habe ich alles im Griff.

    I also have special skin and I use everything which is not "komedogen", I don t care abt prices if it helps. I use sth against spots (BPO), Diadermine as day treatment and a light Normaderm Make up, my rouge is from Clinique or Sephora- I LOVE IT- so I can handle my skin.