My lovely readers, 

I wish you all a wonderful New Years Eve and all the best for the New Year
May it be sparkling, joyful and adventurous. I hope some of your dreams and wishes will come true and the NEW YEAR will be at least as good as 2012 and even better! 

I wish you and your families all the best! 



Hi there, I'm back from my family Christmas round trip. Happy, but tired ;-) We has really a lot of fun and a great time with high water at one place and lots of snow at another place :-) - posts will follow! 

Today I want to post my last outfit for this year. Just a casual one when we went grocery shopping this morning, since in our fridge was yawning void and we are doing Raclette this evening. 

After snow during the last days and really windy times, I'm was happy about the 10 degrees this morning. So, I just pulled over a vest from H&M over a cardigan....it's more like spring time currently ;-). 

my beloved Liebeskind bag

vest from H&M 

Converse via Zalando

Talking with the neighbours ;-)

So, hope you got all your shopping done and you'll have a wonderful evening and night! 

Have fun. 


Christmas nails from ESSIE

Just a short post today, because I'm on my way to my dad's place....last step of our Christmas round trip this year. 

I already posted some pics on Instagram and Twitter...maybe you have seen them already?! I wore the ESSIE Winter 2012 Collection - Leading Lady and Beyond Cozy. Really nice colors and perfect for Christmas. 


Best Christmas gift ever....

Hi guys, I hope you all had wonderful holidays and enjoyed the time with your families. I spend the first days with my BF at my mom's place and my family there. I had a wonderful time with my two  lovely nieces, my sister and my mom and all others. 

Sorry for not having enough time to post, but I just wanted to enjoy the time with my family. But today, I felt like it's time again....and I thought, it's a good time to show you my Christmas gift. 

I was so surprised, because I never thought about a new camera, although we talked about it before, but we decided to postpone it to June/ July 2013. 

You can imagine how happy I am now! I also got all the equipment for the camera like SD cards, remote release etc. Of course, I made over 500 pics during the last days...posts will follow ;-). Of course, I have to figure out all the tricks now and it seems that I have a lot of work to do now ;-). But you can be sure that my pics will be better in the future ;-).

I hope you all got lovely presents, too!?

Have a nice evening all. 
K. ;-)



My dear readers, 

I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

Enjoy this time with you families and friends. I hope you all will have a wonderful peaceful time with lots of lovelies presents, yummies dishes and many wonderful hours of joy, laughter and happiness! 

Merry Merry Christmas!

Hugs & Love


late OOTD/ Christmas Party dress

Already a week ago, I was at my old companies Christmas party. They were so kind and invited although I left a month ago. So cute! 

But I was in such a hurry that day, I totally forgot to make an outfit photo. Shame on me! So, I thought, I just show you the pieces I have worn since it was quite simple. 

I wasn't so sure about the dress before, but during the evening I liked it more and more. It's really comfy to wear, looks chic and a little rocking. And I guess, I can dress it down with a denim jacket for the future maybe (have to check that).

dress from ZARA

I bought the blazer at Dorothy Perkins some weeks ago. It has a satin revers and therefore looks a little more classy.

Blazer from Dorothy Perkins

The pumps are simple but comfy H&M black suede. You can't go wrong with that! And the little purse I bought last, but don't know where anymore.

During the last years, I always wore colored dresses such as dark blue, red and green ones. That's why I thought that this outfit is a little dark for Christmas. But as it turned out...all others were dressed quite casual and not in festive dresses as agreed before, so this was a good decision :-).

What have you worn on your Christmas parties so far? 



Liebster Blog Award - Thank you so much!

Already last Friday, I was nomitated for the Liebster Blog Award! How amazing is this?! I'm really happy about this award since it is an award that is given to inspiring bloggers with less then 200 followers to help spread the word of their inspiring sites BY OTHER BLOGGERS! What means a lot to me! I got mine from lovely Meghan from Meggie Frue

Thank you very much Meghan for passing this award to me and thus, given me your support! I'm really happy about this award! 

You'll received the award from a blogger who already got it. He or she leaves you this great news on your blog. Afterwards yu can spread it around the world and post about it. You are asked to answer the 11 questions given to you by the blog that nominated you, and afterward you need to create 11 questions of your own for another 11 more blogs that you pass the award onto, each blog also having less then 200 followers. 

Here are the questions Meghan asked me to answer: 

1. Who in your life inspires you most?
There is no one special.
I have a very close friend who is always very inspiring for me.
And I find a lot of inspiration in other blogs and magazines.

2. What is your favorite fashion trend this year?
Leather in every way! :-)

3. What 2012 trend do you want to see disappear in 2013?
White shoes and long skirts :-(

4. If you could trade closets with a celebrity, who would it be?
Chiara Ferragni or Rihanna

5. What is the best thing about your life right now?
The freedom to decide what I wanna do with it.
And of course my BF, little Jonesy and my family and close friends. 

6. Who is most beautiful person you know (inside and out)?
I know - personal or just have seen?
Inside: my wonderful friend Teresa (and she is pretty out, too :-))
Out: Rihanna (wish to meet her one day personal)

7. What is the beauty product you cannot live without?
ProActive Solution (unfortunately I have a very bad skin)

8. What is your favorite facial feature on yourself?
Well, since I'm not really happy with my face this is quite hard. 
Guess, my eyes?! 

9. Skirts or pants?

10. Solids or prints?

11. Why did you start blogging?
I needed a plattform where I could exchange my inspiration and passion with people who have the interests. Since my circle of friends isn't so into fashion :-( this was a really good solution to connect with my lovely readers and share experiences, inspiration and find other amazing blogs in return. 

So, here are my lovely blogs I'd like to ask you all to check out! I really like them and always find some inspiration and motivation in them. Some of them I found only recently and some I follow since a while. I hope you'll like them as well. 

Here are the questions I would like my nominees to answer:

 1. Who is your style icon?
2. What is a must in your closet?
3. Fashion trend or Individualism?
4. Which fashion trend will you always ignore?
5. Who would you love to meet one day?
6. Your favorite designer?
7. Flats or heels?
8. What is your favorite magazine?
9. How did you decided about your blog name?
10. Describe your look in a few words?
11. You have one wish for 2013 - what is it?


Pls send me a comment when you posted about the award and have answered the questions :-) I'm really looking forward to hearing from you, reading your answers and see how you will nominate. 

Thanks to Meghan again and to all my dear readers :-) 

K. :-)

My hat collection - take or toss?!

It's only 2 days left until our Christmas round trip starts. Every year we are on the road for ten days visiting ur families for Christmas. This year we start with my mum's family, then we go to Berlin and afterwards we'll spend some days at my dad's place. Sometimes this is a little stressful, but I'm always happy to see my family and my BF's family, of course. And since I have my little nieces, it's always more fun! 

But they all live in the eastern areas and that means they have snow and it's colder then here. So, I need to pack some stuff I don't use here very often. Such as hats! Of course, I wear them here from time to time, but mostly only lighter ones. 

During the years, I always bought a hat at my dad's place when it got too cold on my ears....so I can call a (really) small collection my own :-).

Most of the time, I wear these two since they are really really cozy :-). 

knit hat with earmuffs from last year


chapka from Eisbär - also last year

I like the others too, but don't wear them too often. I also like that dark blue headband. I bought it last year @Zalando.

As well as the grey Beanie, from Zalando, too, but I haven't worn it ones. Although I really like it. 

This pink hat is from Dresden. I just bought it because I like the color so much :-).

A black knit hat - is always ok. 

And finally just grey...

Last week I saw this cute bobble hat from PROTEST @Zalando Austria. I love these colors: 
Pics via Zalando Austria 

What do you think? You like them or would you just toss them and buy some new? Which hats are you wearing? Or are going to spend Christmas in the sun? ;-) 



Dear Santa, could we talk....

I've fallen in love with this beautiful dress from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Can I ask Santa to return everything he has for me now and change it for this little cutie?

Pic via Google
In case Santa doesn't want to spend that much money, I could try to convince him to this lovely sweater: 

Pic via Coolspotters

At least it is 200€ cheaper :-)

Aren't they cute?!

Discovering Bobbi Brown

Usually, I use Clinique for make-up, but since it's nearly empty now I thought I might check out Bobbi Brown, because I've read a lot about her and the products during the last weeks. Sneaking through the city anyway, I just made a stop at the little stand of Bobbi Brown in the mall (there are no Bobbi Brown stores, just stands). 

Lucky me, the really really nice girl at the stand (also named Katharina ;-)) had some time and she made my make-up completely new with the Bobbi Brown products. It was really great and I learned some new tricks, since I'm not really a pro when it comes to make-up. 

Unfortunately, I have not really nice skin. To be honest....sometimes I look like I'm still in my puberty. Ahhhh and even now in my age ;-) it's not getting better. That's why I decided for BB Cream SPF 35. And I was really surprised how good the coverage is. I made some disappointing experiences with common BB Creams here, but this one is really great. 

For the little spots that can't be covered with the BB Cream I have the Face Touch Up Stick

Needless to say that she applied the Corrector and the Concealer for the eyes before using the BB Cream. She recommended the Corrector before applying the creamy Concealer and then setting the powder (Creamy Concealer Kit). 

I already love these products. I did my make up with my new products this morning and I'm really happy about them. Of course, the products are not low-priced, but they have a really good quality, very good incredients and they feel really light on your skin. 

Maybe this is not necessary if you have a nice skin and don't need special treatment, but I always pay attention using products with high quality. My skin will be thankful! 

What products do you use? Low-price or more expensive ones? Do you think they are worth it? 

Have a wonderful day all! 


OOTD/ Denim and pearly check shirt

I hurried to the city this morning to make the last Christmas shopping. I found some wonderful little gifts :-). Moreover, I finally found some time to visit the little Bobbi Brown stand we have here. A seperate post will follow, of course ;-). 

But anyway, here's my outfit from today...I finally could wear my new Replay jeans and combined it with the wonderful check shirt from Zara, I bought some weeks ago and haven't worn since then. 

shirt - Zara/ denim - Replay/ shoes - very oooold

coat - Mango

Do you have all presents or still looking?! Lucky me, I have found really nice things for all, just need to wrap them now. 

Heading out for dinner with my BF now. So have a wonderful evening all! 


Glossybox December "Bejeweled Edition"

This morning I got the last Glossybox for this year - the "bejeweled edition" in shiny silver.

Six really nice products are included this month, such as:

  • Cosline Concealer 
  • Eau Thermale Avène D-Pigment
  • Etat Pur Mizellares Wasser B01
  • Kiehl's Deluxe Hand and Body Lotion
  • Korres Eyeshadow
  • Glossybox False Lashes 

Of course, I won't use all product since I have a really sensitive skin. I only use special products for skin care, but I will give the "Eau Thermale Avène D-Pigment" and the "Etat Pur Mizellares Wasser B01" to my mum. She will be happy about it. I really like the Cosline Concealer....perfect for my bag and Kiehl's is always good. 
Unfortunately the eyeshadow is a light blue - totally not my color :-( Anyway, maybe my sister likes it. 

There's not much left for me now, right?! The false lashes! I have never worn fake lashes and propably I would never bought some to try. So, now I will definitely try them although this is totally not my style. I only use very light and only little make-up. But maybe I can wear them during Christmas or on New Years Eve. 


Do you still receive the Glossybox? Although I'm not really convinced anymore I still give it a try for the new year and since I can give away little presents now and then, it's fine with me :-). 

Hope you had a good start in the last week before Christmas?! Don't get stressed!


The Christmas Super Market in Cologne

Usually, I like chillin on Sundays at home - reading, watching Kitsch movies and all such things. But this Sunday I will make an exception, because it's Christmas Super Market in Cologne this weekend! 

The Christmas Super Market

I hope to find my last cute presents there. You can shop clothing, accessoires, but also art and design pieces. I'm really looking forward to ADORABLE, Die Edelspinner and ZOO COOL. Of course, there are a lot more labels present - check out here

I'm really looking forward to Sunday. So, if you have some time during the weekend just stop by the Design Quartier Ehrenfeld in Köln. You'll find opening hours on the SUPER MARKET homepage

Have a nice day all! 


New in/ Replay jeans

Already a while ago, my favorite jeans from Armani Exchange left me. I found them some years ago in Las Vegas and loved them since, because they were flattering and I could combine them to everything. They had a dark blue color and were straight fit, so perfectly for the office as well. 

Anyway, we has to say goodbye a while ago and since then I couldn't really find a jeans that I liked that much. So, last week I went to the city to my favorite store (Daniels in Bonn) to try again. And after only 3 trials...BOOOM! I felt in love with my new REPLAY slim bootcut! 

Actually, I was looking for a straight one in dark blue again, but the two I tried before didn't suit me very well. So, even if I was a little doubtful when the nice salesgirl brought me the Replay, I tried it on and...surprise surprise...I immediately felt so comfortable in it. The fabric is so soft, the color is perfect and the legs are onl flared a little, but they make really longer legs. It's perfect and I'm so happy about it now, since I hate buying jeans usually! 

Outfit posts will follow soon! 

Which denim brand do you like the most? Any favorites or do you try always different ones? 

Have a nice evening all! 


OOTD/ Burgundy corduroy and grey sweater

Actually, this is not my today's outfit, but from this week when I was in town for little Christmas shopping.  When I need something comfy, I often go with my burgundy corduroy pants from H&M. I love them, because they are so easy to wear with everything. 

sweater - Mango, pants - H&M, boots - ZARA

I found the boots recently as I already posted before at ZARA and totally felt in love with them. The sweater I found at Mango. It is embellished with strass and studs on the shoulders. So, it looks like more then just a grey sweater. 

I wish you all a happy weekend and hope you enjoy this wonderful winter weather :-) I love walking through the snow when the sun is shining....isn't that fantastic?! 

K :-)


New in/ studded boots from ZARA

Currently I'm somehow obsessed with ZARA. Every time I browse through the online store or I'm in the store in the city, I can't resist! There are so many wonderful pieces...ahhhh...and suddenly I have the feeling I totally need them :-). That happend again yesterday...actually I was in the city for Christmas shopping....not for me, but for my family and friends. 

Walking by the window of ZARA, a voice whispered "Come in! You need something from here, for sure" ;-). So, I thought that I could have a look and since I was also looking for a dress for the upcoming Christmas party...wtf :-). 

I found some dresses, of course (post will follow) and I found these lovely boots with little studs! Until now I havn't found some studded boots which I could afford and I didn't wanted to have too clumsy ones. But these are perfect! Only little studs and they are slim at the feet and so make a slim feet! They had to end in my basket ;-). 

What do you think? Aren't they nice?! I think, I'm going to wear this evening on the Christmas market. 

Have a lovely day all. 
K :-)