Spanish Moss - a Vintage Love

Recently, I browsed though all the links I saved in my favorites during the years. I deleted some, refreshed some and also had the first time a look on the page...Yes, sometimes I just save something and then forget to look deeper into it. This time I discovered "SPANISH MOSS" again. A wonderful online shop for Vintage, but also new ready-to-wear and all kinds of accessories.


Vincent & Suzanne Ford-Carafano founded Spanish Moss and American Vintage in 2006. Suzanne’s 
love for "Vintage allover" started already in her early years. What can be seen clearly in the lookbooks is her passion for folk art, ethnography and nature in general. Vincent feels inspired by literature and philosophy what could explain the lovely names of the lookbooks which totally speak for themselves. You can read a little more here.

Honestly, I don't know where to start with the looks and I can't decide which lookbook I should focus on, because every single picture is an inspiration. You can totally see the love for nature, folk art, adventure and all of that in them. Suddenly, I feel transported to another time! 
As just an example, the lookbook: Daughter of the Earth
all pics by Spanish Moss
Aren't these pics amazing. This lookbook is my favorite! But all others are beautiful too! See all of them here -> Lookbooks.

Now, I only need to decide what to order first :-( Although I love the clothing a lot, I found my favorite piece already: 

Isn't this a beautiful blanket?! Love Love Love!

Have a look at this lovely shop! I'm sure you'll find something for you or friends or family members...Christmas is coming up ;-)

Happy Sunday and enjoy the EMAs 2012!

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  1. omg i found this shop like 2 years ago or something but never found the shop again, i forgot the name! thank you!!!!! now i will save it in my shopping links!!!