OOTD/ knit dress and riding boots

Currently it is really quiet - what I enjoy to the fullest ;-). So, there's nothing special to write about, but a simple and cozy outfit from yesterday. 

It took me some time to decide for a winter jacket this year, but finally I made my decision for ZARA and this snugly blue coat with fake fur. Already brought me through some breezy times walking the dog :-)

Parka from ZARA

Last year I bought this knit dress from Dorothy Perkins and the riding boots from H&M. But I still like both of them and since I havn't worn them in a while a decided for this comfy combi :-). 

denim shirt - Mango/ dress - Dorothy Perkins/ boots - H&M

So, I have to go and pick some fir sprigs now. I planned to do some Christmas decorations tomorrow ;-). Let's see! Are you already done with decorations or do you even like all that glitter and Christmas stuff? 

Have a wondeful evening and a nice weekend. 


UGG - stylish update

Actually, I have never been a fan of UGGs and I never felt like I need to have these boots although you can see lots of people on the streets wearing them. So, I also never had a closer look on them until last Thursday when I visited a friend who got some UGGs from her father from the US since they are a lot more affordable there. And I have to admit that I like the boots on her. They seem warm, comfy and real cozy winter boots. 

That's why I browsed though the UGG homepage today. And I'm really surprised! Honestly! I only connected UGG to the well-known boots and I have seen some ear cuffs, hats and cloves before from the brand. But I never knew that they have really stylish boots, cute handbags and accessoires  in the online store like these biker boots here: 

pic via UGG Australia

If I had seen these boots before I would never thought that they would be from UGG Australia. Would you? And here are some more really nice pieces: 

Pica via UGG Australia

Aren't these nice? The handbags are great and I love this hat. Only downer is the price of the pieces ;-(. Well, its Christmas soon!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


New in/ Blouses and shirts

I ordered some new blouses and shirts from Mango and Zara recently. I really like chic tops, because they pimp every simple jeans outfit. I can wear them to work and also upgrade my casual outfits. 

I felt for the red blouse with a valance and a printed bow tie blouse. Both from Mango

And I ordered two more casual shirts too. I felt for the check shirt with the little pearls on the shoulders a while ago and couldn't resist anymore ;-). 

Check shirt with pearls from Zara

Although I already have three denim shirts, I love this one the most, because it's so soft denim and the little appliqués make it more special. 

denim shirt with appliqués from Mango

Outfit post will follow for sure!
K. :* 

Grace: A memoir

I have to confess that I belong to those who have heard only little about Grace Coddington until I saw "The September Issue". That's a shame, I know, but true! But better late then never, I honestly liked her "role" in the documentary and got interested in her like many others did too. 

The more I was happy when I heard that she publishes her memoires. Although I wondered a little why she is doing that at her age?! Nevertheless, now we all have the chance and luck to get to know her little better. So, I received my copy on Tuesday and even if I don't have a signed copy like Hedvig from Northern Light has (I'm only a little jealous ;-)), I couldn't wait starting to read. 

The book is full of beautiful pictures during the years! When I got it, I just flipped through to just look at them without reading, because I was so curious :-) 

I have read the first three chapters now and for sure will finish it during the weekend. A chapter for chapters in her life or (special) people in her life...about Anna too...;-) Let's see what she will write about her....at least she is one of kind who not always agrees with Anna Wintour...so could be interesing! 

Enjoy your evenings all! 


OOTD/ Blue knit and leather

After one week of doing all the things and appointments I hadn't really time to during the last weeks, I enjoyed a very nice evening yesterday with friends, finally. We were out for diner and spend some time at their place afterwards. So relaxing and fun!

That's why I decided for a comfy outfit yesterday evening. Maybe you have seen it already on Instagram.

Instagram pic
yesterdays outfit - bag - Liebeskind Berlin

knit - Mango/ leather pants - Muubaa/ necklace, shoes - H&M/ watch - Marc Jacobs

my favorite new coat - Mango

Hope you all had a nice weekend so far and enjoy the Sunday evening!


Spanish Moss - a Vintage Love

Recently, I browsed though all the links I saved in my favorites during the years. I deleted some, refreshed some and also had the first time a look on the page...Yes, sometimes I just save something and then forget to look deeper into it. This time I discovered "SPANISH MOSS" again. A wonderful online shop for Vintage, but also new ready-to-wear and all kinds of accessories.


Vincent & Suzanne Ford-Carafano founded Spanish Moss and American Vintage in 2006. Suzanne’s 
love for "Vintage allover" started already in her early years. What can be seen clearly in the lookbooks is her passion for folk art, ethnography and nature in general. Vincent feels inspired by literature and philosophy what could explain the lovely names of the lookbooks which totally speak for themselves. You can read a little more here.

Honestly, I don't know where to start with the looks and I can't decide which lookbook I should focus on, because every single picture is an inspiration. You can totally see the love for nature, folk art, adventure and all of that in them. Suddenly, I feel transported to another time! 
As just an example, the lookbook: Daughter of the Earth
all pics by Spanish Moss
Aren't these pics amazing. This lookbook is my favorite! But all others are beautiful too! See all of them here -> Lookbooks.

Now, I only need to decide what to order first :-( Although I love the clothing a lot, I found my favorite piece already: 

Isn't this a beautiful blanket?! Love Love Love!

Have a look at this lovely shop! I'm sure you'll find something for you or friends or family members...Christmas is coming up ;-)

Happy Sunday and enjoy the EMAs 2012!

Nothing and yet everything/ My week on Instagram

I'm a bit torn at the moment...this week happened not very much actually and yet everything changed.

I had a lot of work to finish before leaving on the office on Friday and so nothing special to report during the week. But Friday was one of the most important days of the last years, I guess. I quit my job and left the company after nearly seven years :-(. Yesterday I did really nothing and today nothing really too! But I have plans for the next weeks. So lets see what comes next!

Have a wonderful Sunday! 


OOTD - Bye Baby Bye

Saying Goodbye is never easy. But I never imagined it to be so hard! I should have known better. 

Already some weeks ago I quit my job and yesterday I had my very last day at the office. The last weeks went by so fast that I didn't even thought about how hard it's going to be. I spend nearly seven years in this company and it always felt like a little family and home to me. My colleagues where amazing and we all had so much fun together. But after seven years I need a change, new challenges although it was hard to take this decision. But since I've found some really good and close friends at the office who will always be part of my life and whom I'll see from time to time again maybe it will be getting easier. 

So, I spend some nice and fun hours with all the colleagues in the office yesterday and in the evening we went out a little.

In case you following me via Instagram or Twitter you have seen a part of my "last day outfit". And here are the pictures: 

My last outfit to work

Zara Boyfriend Jeans
Zara Jeans with studs around the pockets
Dorothy Perkins - green sparkling cardigan

Monki - Bye Baby Bye shirt

I still cannot really believe that I won't go back on Monday! Yeah, I know...my decision and know that I have to look forward, because sometimes you have to leave things behind to step forward. And even if I'm really sad, I'm so excited at the same time about all news things coming up for me.

I wish you all a happy Saturday. 


OOTD/ Leather and mint knit

Lucky me! I can work this whole week in the office in Cologne and this means casual clothing! I'm so enjoying this right now after wearing a lot of business clothes during the last months...!

That's why I decided to go with my leather pants from Muubaa and a mint sweater from Gina Tricot. Very comfy for the office!

knit - Gina Tricot/ leather pants - Muubaa/ shoes - Zara/ necklace - H&M

Hope you enjoy this sunny day!


OOTE via Instagram

Actually, it's the outfit from yesterday evening. We spend some time with friends...nothing special. Just little dinner and talk....

denim shirt, pullover and skirt - H&M/ watch - Marc Jacobs

I started using Instagram recently ;-) Yeah, finally future found its way to me, too!  If you like to follow me, its @mymoonriver or just use the button on the right.

boot - Topshop

Have a nice Sunday evening all.


Candy for my ears....IMANY

Incidentally I heard a lovely sound yesterday morning in TV when getting ready for work and suddenly I was so ecstatic that I rushed from bathroom to the TV to see who has this lovely voice. It was IMANY....and she has not only a beautiful voice, but also a very very beautiful look. Right at this moment I knew that's she going to be one of my favorite new ladies.

After "googling" her this morning, I found out that Nadia Mladjao (what she was born originally on the French Comoros Island in 1979) out that she was an athlete and later on a very successful model before starting her career as Imany.

Pic via Last.fm

She released her first album "The shape of a broken heart" in June this year. Her music is often compared to Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone. Well, I thought she sounds like a little mixtures of Amy Winehouse and a soft Rihanna....at least the song I heard yesterday morning. Anyway....its soul and blues and sounds just beautiful! No need to compare her to anyone else. Of course, I downloaded her album right away and listening to it since.

Not forget to mention her style. Of course, she was a model and looks fabulous, but she also has a great sense of style, imo at least. Her trademark - she's always wearing head scarfs, hats, headpieces in general....beautiful, colorful ones and they make her outfits even more interesting.

Glad I've made the little discovery for myself and I hope you like her too. But now, check out for yourself. Sure, you'll love her! 

Have a wonderful Saturday!