Ring ring....

I got the most loveliest rings beginning of this week and just wanted to share the pics and my joy with you :-)
I found them some time ago @VERAMEAT. I already told you in a previous post about this great jewellery designer Vera Balyura who is located in New York and has this fabulous online store too.

They came with this handwritten post card - how lovely is this?! So cute!

Now I finally made it ordered those two wonderful rings.

Heart and french Bully

little heart

tiny little french bully

Those rings are so so cute - the tiny little bully, like my Jonesy is ;-) Totally my new favorites!

Have a wonderful evening all.

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  1. Sehr tolle Ringe!:) Gefallen mir total♥
    Lust mir zu folgen? Gewinnspiel läuft auch gerade, mach doch mit!:-)