New in/ Cozy muffler from Zara

I'm feeling so tired and floppy lately...I guess, nearly everyone is dealing with a cold these days. Brrr... So, therefore I won't do outfit post, because I look how I feel :-). 

But since I'm terribly freezing and still haven't found the right winter jacket I found something really cozy that will warm me a little. The most cosiest and beautiful muffler I ever had...from Zara.

It is so soft and thick and really long. The color is beautiful and I could wear the scarf all day every day! 

So, now I'm sneaking back under my blanket! Have a wonderful evening all and stay healthy! 



My grandma used to say that I have a face for caps and hats. Although I never wore them...only in winter and I never really paid attention to them as accessories. I guess this time there's no chance to ignore them and actually no reason for this....because there are so lovely little pieces out there.

From pork pie, floppy hats to borsalinos, bowler and cloche (even with mesh) up to fedora, trilby and so on...every shape, every color or with print and with mesh, bows, flowers, leather details can be seen on the streets these days. I recognized hats only in the British royal family, royal weddings and horse races during the last years. But what was a long term social status or represented a kind of group membership in former times became is daily accessory. And shame on me that I didn't take them seriously ;-). A fault confessed is half redressed, right! :-)

That's why I browsed through my favorite online shops and picked my favorite headgear. Here we go:

all pics via the online shops

Zalando; H&M; MangoZara 1 und Zara 2; Topshop 1 und Topshop 2Monki AsosModClothsJ.Crew

What do you think? Picked a favorite piece already? Or have you a hint for me where to buy the most wonderful hats? Are you wearing hats a lot or is this a style piece you disregard?

Have a wonderful evening.


A little nuts when it comes to SATC...

Actually I'm no "girlie" in the proper sense...but there's one thing when the chick's coming out...Sex and the City! I can hear the "Oh No's" now ;-) and I know that a lot of others girls love SATC too.

From the very first beginning I just loved this series. I love the girls/ women, Patricia Field, Michael Patrick King, New York, Mr. Big ...everything that come with it. No need to say that I have all DVD, all books from to the movies, the novels and I store all magazine articles...(as a magazine junkie no big deal).

Today I got a little piece I found some weeks ago on Ebay. It is a supplement of a Japan Vogue from some years ago. Only 50 pages and I can't read a word, but I don't care, because the pictures are so beautiful...

Happy happy happy :-)


Another copy cat - Acne vs. Tamaris

Copying the latest trends from designer brands is nothing new and often discussed these times. Although I think, the main goal of a brands like H&M, Zara, Mango, Primark, just to name a few, is to make trends available for the "mainstream" and actually there's nothing bad about this since we all like to wear the one or other trend piece. 

But what when the copy is so obviously copied? Is this still OK for us? And just to speak for myself....I think the original is always better and the copy gets a little negative touch for me.

That's what I thought when I recognized the newest copy cat Tamaris...

Pic via Tamaris

Have you seen similar boots yet? Maybe @ACNE? Like these: 

Pic via ACNE

I mean, come on....how clear is that?! What do you think about copy cats? OK or definitely a NoGo?

Enjoy the beautiful weather...


A little saddish and why my sofa has no legs

When you ask fashion bloggers, fashion journalists or any other person who's interested in fashion what's important about that whole wide fashion universe, most of them will say: It's important to have fun with it, having fun in dressing and give it a trial.

I totally agree to this although I'm not a "fashionista", not at all and honestly I'm really not game enough to wear all the trends and clothes I actually like. That's how I am....I do like a lot of stuff, but sometimes not on me. But it's getting better and better and I'm trying not wearing the same pieces every day in the same boring way (sometimes I'm just too tired or lazy in the mornings to think about my outfits :-)).

Lately, I also try not to buy the same pieces or similar things again and again. Just to force me being a little more experimental in dressing. I don't need 10 pairs of black pumps, right?! So, to come to the point...sometimes when I'm trying to wear not just a suit, blouse and pumps to work, I earn "funny" comments from colleagues.

Happened again yesterday. I wore my new pumps (from H&M). Actually, I think they are simple, but have a special details and can make a simple outfit a little more interesting since they have a golden Cuban heel. (Forgot to make an outfit photo - I wore them with green slim pants and a striped light blue blouse.)

shoes from H&M

I felt really comfortable with this outfit and the heels are really comfy too. So, I met a colleague during lunch who started laughing right when he saw my shoes and said: 
"What shoes! I guess, your sofa has no legs anymore, right?"
Haha, funny! I mean...come on! Same thing happened few weeks ago when I wore a blue brocade fabric skirt (which I really like btw): Have you stolen your grandma's curtains? Funny again! And there are some more stories like this....

Don't get me wrong,  I can laugh about funny things, but sometimes I have the feeling I work and live in an environment that is impatient of fashion and everything that comes along with it. Or I really dress myself very very bad - do I? 

Maybe I shouldn't think about this anymore, but since this happened several times now, I just wanted to share it with you and wanna know if you have made same or similar experiences or are your friends and colleagues interested in fashion too? In that case...lucky you :-). 

Fortunately, I have this little blog here and you, dear readers, and so I can share my happiness and joy about fashion with you fashion-mates.

Have a nice evening all. 
K :-)

There she goes again - Jessica Weiß is back

Pic via Journelles
Some weeks ago you could already subscribe to the Journelles newsletter for not missing the start...well, I missed it this morning after all :-(.

Jessica Weiß, the ultimate LesMads girl, is back with her blogzine "Journelles" after she had left LesMads and worked @Interview for a year. With a great backup of 4 lovely authors, like Kerstin Görling from Hayashi, Journelles will provide us with news, background stories and lots of lovely stuff about fashion and beauty.

Well, I guess there's nothing more to say....see it for yourself here. I'm happy about Jessie's return and I wish good luck and fun to her and the team.

Have a nice evening all.


TV tip/ Documentary report - FASHION! on Arte

Today I have a TV tip for you. I just read about on Arte.de.

It's a threepart documentary report about Fashion, of course!
Part 1 and 2 will be broadcasted on Saturday, October 20th, 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM and part 3 on October 27th, 10:00 PM.

The documentary will show how history, politics and cultural life influenced the fashion world. How is fashion influencing our society?

Part 1: Golden 80ies
The first part focuses on Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Azzedine Alaïa and how their creative work influenced and contributed to the society in the 80ies.

pic via Decade Diary

Part 2: Anti Fashion
Anti-Fashion meant creating something different. The second part of Fashion shines a light on the upcoming designers of the 90ies like Ann Demeulemeester, Martin Margiela and Dries Van Noten. These Belgian newcomers challenged everything the fashion world has know before....in Paris more and more creative people followed the new approach of minimalism. At the same time, the "Grunge" era was born in the US. Kate Moss became the new model icon and many many more interesting things happened....

pic via Last.fm

Part 3: Go Global
The third and last part will show how the creative world of fashion developed to a hard business world, how big luxury good companies were found and how the operate world wide.

I'm really looking forward to this documentary...it sounds really interesting. If you'd like to read more about it, you will find detailed information here.

Enjoy and watch out ;-).


Ring ring....

I got the most loveliest rings beginning of this week and just wanted to share the pics and my joy with you :-)
I found them some time ago @VERAMEAT. I already told you in a previous post about this great jewellery designer Vera Balyura who is located in New York and has this fabulous online store too.

They came with this handwritten post card - how lovely is this?! So cute!

Now I finally made it ordered those two wonderful rings.

Heart and french Bully

little heart

tiny little french bully

Those rings are so so cute - the tiny little bully, like my Jonesy is ;-) Totally my new favorites!

Have a wonderful evening all.


Fall for printed pants...

We enjoyed some wonderful days outside last weekend. Relaxing in the fall sunshine I felt for my new printed pants ;-).

I have to admit that I was sceptical towards all those printed pants first. But before I recognized it, the third print pants moved into my closet (pair one and two here).

pants and pullover - H&M, little Jones sunbathing, wonderful fall colors

I really like the pants (they are on sale currently), but it gets a little baggy after a while. Same thing I had with the Zara floral print pants. That's too bad, because I think those pants only look really good when they're tighter and not baggy...

Has anyone those pants too? What do you think - Like it or not?!



Would you fake it?

I'm sure all of you have seen the Isabel Marant leather and suede boots...e.g. like here on net-a-porter.com.
pic via Net-a-porter

I love these boots...so beautiful, but soooo expensive and way too much for me! But as you also might have recognized....there are some copies of the boots. Like it always is with big trends that are not affordable for the most of us.

Actually, I think this is somehow ok to give everyone the chance to take part in fashion! That doesn't mean for me that I buy all copies or fakes of big trends, but sometimes I do. Just because I like the trend, but the designer piece is simply not affordable for my budget. And actually...nearly all trends coming from the runways of this world are not made for the main purses! So, what other possibilities do we have ;-)?

Back to the boots: Here are the Isabel Marant copies:

via Zara

pics via Mango and Buffalo
H&M - 39,95€

The boots from Mango and  Zara are really lovely. I'm thinking...;-)

Would you buy the copies, the "fake boots" or aren't you buying any trend if you can't afford the original?

Have a nice week!


Strolling through Berlin...

Recently, we spend some wonderful days in Berlin, just strolling around the city and enjoying the beautiful weather back then.

@ Alex and St. Marien

I love such days....no special destination and lot's of time to do whatever you want...yummie breakfast, strolling, coffee, a little sightseeing, coffee and cake, a little shopping, dinner....just perfect.

vest - Zara/ shirt, pullover, cord pants - H&M/ boots - Topshop/ bag - Liebeskind

I love this city!


OOTD/ Black and Burgundy

Quick outfit post - Friday in black and burgundy...

suede coat - Vero Moda/ knit, shorts - H&M/ boots - Topshop

Hope you don't have to work too long today! Have a nice weekend all.

New in/ Topshop booties....

Finally, I made it and ordered new booties. I don't know for how long I've been looking for some boots....?! I always found new ones and at the end I couldn't decide which one to take and in some cases the boots were sold at that time :-(. It's always like that when I'm looking for something specific.

They should be black, simple, not classy, but also not too "biker-style", cap shouldn't be too round nor too pointy...you see...I always found something that wasn't perfect. 

Now I've choosen the Topshop "Mighty" boots. They are simple with a little heel, not too robust and chunky and not too chic! Perfect! Exactely what I was looking for! Yeahhh....

Love Love Love :-)


Which one?

I found two really pretty coats at H&M and since last Saturday I'm thinking about which one I should take. I cannot choose between both...

The first one has an A-line cut and looks a bit more classy while the second coat is more straight. I love the cozy collar and that the coat has pockets to use and not only put-on. The color from coat 1 is a little lighter than from the second one, but both look really great and they fit. The price is 79,95€ each.

I don't know. Which one should I take? Or maybe you have another idea where to find nice coats? Let me know.

Have a nice evening all!