Should I wear my grandma's jackets?

Since it's getting colder and colder I already started looking for AW jackets...unfortunately! And of course, I saw some quilted jackets on the runways and in magazines already, but I guess I somehow ignore them subliminally.

But now, browsing through the stores I just couldn't help but wonder: What about those jackets? Why do we wear them (again)? They just remind me on my granny..I love my granny, don't get me wrong...but do I really need to wear the same jackets as my grandma?! I don't know.....?!

all pics via the stores
From left upper corner clockwise:
  1. Zara
  2. Asos
  3. Nelly
  4. Dorothy Perkins
  5. Topshop
  6. Barbour via Zalando
Maybe I can be convinced during autumn when I see them more often and I'll get used to it somehow ;-), but for now this is a trend for AW I totally don't get!

What do you think? Do you like quilted jackets, bags etc. and buy one or will you ignore this trend?
Have a nice evening all.

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