DvF Spring 2013 - gypsy princess

I came back from a litte sunday trip right on time for Diane von Furstenberg's runway show Spring 2013 on Live Runway.  You can watch the full show again here.

"With the polish of a princess and the heart of a gypsy, she is an aristocratic dreamer..."
That totally describes the whole spring collection for me. All the looks are strong, colorful, but straight and feminin at the same time. Wonderful dresses, feminin overalls or even "dress and pants combinations" (which is not really a favorite of mine) could be seen on the runway.

The dresses, blouses, shirts and overalls appear overall through the blaze of the colors, I think. Combinations like grey and neon yellow, red and blue, turquoise and brown, red and yellow or neon yellow and neon pink are really a statement and very present in this collection. Besides those ensembles you can also find cute white dresses and shirt/ pant combinations or black&white print dresses and overalls which are casual, chic and very ladylike.

I totally love this collection and I try to save some money and maybe buy one of this fabulous dresses for  spring!

Here are my favorite looks from yesterdays' runway show DvF:

my favorite dress
my absolutely favorite look from the show....love it
all pics via DvF

Not forget to mention the beautiful bags shown during the show! Must have piece on my list for next spring....hopefully ;-)

What I really like about DvF collections is the down-to-earthness, glamour, strong, but playful attitude the looks create...I imagine Diane von Furstenberg totally like this! I love that!

Do you like the spring collection? Already picked a fav?

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