New in/ Leather pants from Muubaa

I saw and read about Muubaa for several times on different bogs before and just checked it out some weeks ago. Suddenly I felt in love with a leather pants that even was on sale. Right after that, I saw this perfect pants on Yara from this Chick's got style (one of my favorite blogs) and she was so nice to let me know that this is exactly the pants I was looking for. Thx again, Yara :-).

Unfortunatly, it was sold in my size and so I tried to optimistic and ordered a smaller one ;-). Stupid me!!! Too optimistic ;-). Then I ordered another one in my size, but this one wasn't exactely what I was looking for ;-(.

So, I tried my last chance - Ebay. And finally, I found my loved ones on the UK site in my size. And what's best - for less then it was in sale.

So, Rome wasn't built in a day....here they are:

Leather pants from Muubaa

Lucky me. The only things was that the small hook closure was missing. But no big deal, I'll bring it to my tailor.
little hook missing
What I really like are the zippers at the legs.

This is the perfect leather pants and it was totally worth it to wait that long...

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