CLOSER - Scott Schumann

The Sartorialist's 2nd book is out now - CLOSER - and I can't wait to hold it in my hands. 
I love those illustrated books as you may know ;-). They are always such an inspiration and it really brings me down after work to just leaf through...it's a litte relief somehow! 

This is one of the few things take make me really turn myself off...I could spend day and night sighting books, magazines, photo books etc. 

And of course, I love the first Scott Schumann book and so it wasn't a questions to order this one, too. 
all pics and order via Amazon

There's also a Special Edition of the CLOSER! which is not available via Amazon at the moment. I'd love to buy this one, but since it's a bit more expensive, I guess I have to wait for Christmas ;-).

pic via Amazon

What's you favorite coffee table book?

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