Santigold - Live Music Hall Cologne

I already posted that I'm a fan of Santigold and therefore its not surprising that I took the chance to see her live in Cologne's Live Music Hall on Wednesday.

I was really excited to see and hear how the music would be live. Cause honestly, I needed to hear her album a few time before I was convinced. Maybe that's because it's so special, so different from everything else I listen to normally. She mixes so many different styles to an awesome sound that really inspires me. Caribean drums, electro sounds, guitars and her bright voice. I just loved it!

Her two dancers were really amazing, her outfits were special...not the usual sexy dresscode you see on stage, but unique and stylish and so Santigold!

Unfortunatly we couldn't take a camera and the pics from iPhone are not good...;-(.

Is anyone planning to see her, too?
Have a nice weekend and hopefully a little sunshine.


Catherine McNeil & Terry Richardson

pic via Terry's diary
He got her! You see it on the pic...no need to name ;-).

Catherine McNeil is one of my TOP-favorite models. Because she is somehow different....yeah, all top models are somehow, I know. But she's is not the typical beauty. She becomes more and more beautiful the longer you stare at her pics. The australian-born model has remarkable face. She is edgy with all the little tattoos, but still variable as you can see during all the shows she's doing. The list of designers varies therefore from e.g. Balmain to D&G, Chanel, Stella McCartney up to Alexander McQueen, just to name a few, to her employers.You see, they couldn't differ more!

Terry Richardson captured her in some really great, so Catherine-like pictures.

all pics via Terry's diary
Who is your TOP model?

Schumacher SS 13/ Virtual Runway

This morning I was a little excited, because of the Schumacher show ;-). Yeah, some of you might think..."Why was she excited then? Just a fashion show!" Well, since I really havn't see a real runways show so far and missed all the chances to see virtual shows due to my work schedule...I was so happy that I could finally made it this morning.

All guests like Lily Cole, Annette Weber, Alena Gerber, Marie Nasemann, Dana Schweiger etc. seated in the front row and to the sounds of The Temper Trap (Sweet Disposition) the "Virtual Romance" show started with the opening of the mystery door.

52 models representing Schumacher, as the nice young lady behind the camera told us before (different personalities, multifarious, straight, intelligent and with "heart education") showed really "Virtual Romance" (motto of the show). Unfortunately, the pictures via lifestream were a bit dark and though the colors weren't as clear as on the runway.

my view on the runway....360 degress possible ;-)
Anyway, I enjoyed the show! I love the combination of straight and clean cuts, but with cute details like valances at the arms or floral and graphic prints. Also the very business-suitable combination of pants and blazer in same color and print caught my eye and were moved directly to the wish list (that was a great option - to put all pieces you like directly on a wish list). Regarding the color I expected a bit more. It was mainly brown, ocker, blue, a lot of white and little pastels. Thought it would be more colorful for spring summer...but hey...they already had it last year, right?!

What I really like is that the silhouettes getting more feminin again. I'm not a big fan of oversize all over! And for me it was a little to much "mantling" during the last season. So, I really appreciate more feminin cuts and curves ;-). 

my view during the show

I guess, I need to safe some money or search a second job according to the wish list ;-). Overall, I really like the new collection and hopefully I can afford at least on piece of my favorite look.

pic clied from Les Mads

Since, the screenshots from the show are not a good quality....@Les Mads and @Styles you Love you can see a lot more pics.

Definitely a successful SS 13 collection and totally "Virtual Romance"! 

Do you like the new collection? What's your favorite?
Enjoy mbfwb!


Yesterday outfit/ Business in Lace

I just try to post some outfits now . So please forgive me if the pics are not good and my face looks somehow...strange ;-). Trying to get used to this. Normally my outfits are not the highlight of the day, but maybe I force myself with this to do better and try harder to find nice outfits :-).

Although I sometimes ask myself if all the posted outfits are really worn or just put on to make photos?! Honestly, I wonder if all the bloggers are fulltime bloggers and can wear these outfits all day every day?! I mean, as a business consultant I just can't wear short skirts, shorts, mini dresses, really high plattforms, maxi dresses, sandals etc. So, these business outfits are how I'm dressed most of the day and I'd love to see more pics from others how they get dressed for their working day. Well, maybe this would be more boring and uninteresting, but at least me would be excited ;-) 

So, here's my second experiment: "usual business day"

Blazer, shirt, lace skirt - H&M/ metal cap pumps - Topshop/ necklace - Diesel

What do you think? Too boring?!


Mädchenflohmarkt - let's get it started

This morning I spied the good news in my inbox....Mädchenflohmarkt is online!

Some weeks ago, the bloggers already revealed the secret and we had to wait....while the girls made us curious with snaphots from time to time. But we made it, waiting is over...so let's get started....SHOPPING!

My first impression...already spotted some favorites ;-). I like the page, looks clean and clear, easy to find things. That's good, I need easy handling ;-). Well, now I need to see what else to find....

Congratulations to the bloggers. That was a very good decision and I'm really curious about what comes next! 

Good luck and happy shopping! 

pic via Mädchenflohmarkt


New shoe-ish giveaway from Valentina...

Already months ago I posted a giveaway from Valentina. And since I'm still reading her blog Fashion and Cookies I found a new even better giveaway....100$ for Shopbop....yippie yippie yeah...yippie yeah...! Instantly, I could decide which one to take ;-) Honestly....!

pics from Valentina

Moreover, I just wanted to say Congratulation to your anniversary, Valentina! The pics are great and I really loved your dress! You looked really stunning.

So @all: give it a try and visit Valentina's blog and sign up for the giveaway. Good luck!


Schumacher invitation for the virtual runway

Poor little me...I can't take some days off for fashion week and I'm afraid I'll never see only one show in my life ;-(.

But for all who also have to go to work or can't be in Berlin for any other reason...You can see at least one show...in your personal front row! YES! Schumacher makes it happen for you! Few minutes ago an invitation flittered in my inbox and now I'm so excited!!!

If your not registered at Schumacher.com yet.....hurry! And you have to take a look in Sale! Awesome! So many cute pieces I'd love to have, but...anyway...dream big is the motto ;-).

So, set the reminder for Thursday, tell your boss you'll be late and enjoy!

via Schumacher
I'm so curious!


Not only a "Weekday" outfit...

Lucky me can go shopping in Cologne's Weekday store since they still have no online shop - what I still don't understand?! so, I always pick out some stuff from the website and afterwards I'm trying to find some time to go shopping when I'm in the office in Cologne. So, here's my favorite outfit for this time...shoes and skirt are on sale...

pics via Weekday
I really like that grey/ neon combination of the sweater. Combined with a simple pencil skirt like this it's not too sporty and I could really wear it on a Friday in the office. Hopefully, i can make it to the shop this upcoming Friday ;-).

Have a nice sunday!

Brighten up this sad summer...

As I already wrote some days ago, I'm really sad this time about this rainy, boring so called "summer". The only good thing is that I don't need to care about my "not-in-bikini-shape" body ;-). I just wrap him up! But making it not worse, I found a beautiful parka in royal blue to brighten up those dreary rainy days. The parka is from the Zalando Collection and lucky me, already in sale (from 69,95€ to 34,95).

pic via Zalando

"Screaming for joy", I got my Zalando package on Friday and could take my royal highness out for a walk with my dog in the woods. I love it. The oversized parka has a great lenght, is very light and the color is beautiful. The only half arms and the draw cord make it look sporty and cool. Properly dressed for nearly every occasion, in my opinion! That's definitely one of my best bargains!

Well, this is not a "wow-outfit", but the parka looks great anyway ;-)

wearing: Parka - Zalando Collection/ Top - Dorothy Perkins/ pants - Only/ Ballerina - very old ones