Stylish notes with Filofax

Some days ago, I got a wonderful present...my new Filofax Amazona Personal notebook in red!!! I love it.

Since I love making notes and writing down everthing in my schedule or making lists the red leather book is just perfect for me and will be a lifetime partner, for sure ;-).
Surprisingly, I discovered Anna Wintour with a similar notebook at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 show while scrolling through Bryan Boy's blog.

Anna Wintour pic via Bryanboy.com/ Filofax pics found here

I'm not sure if Anna Wintour is really using a Filofax, but at least it looks very similar. Very good taste this lady ;-).



Schumacher Pencil Skirt/ We got the Power!

From time to time I check the Schumacher (one of my favorite Berlin labels) Online Shop to see if I can afford something - miracles do happen!

Some weeks ago I found this beautiful, amazing, so powerful, but also soft looking dark green leather pencil skirt.

pic via Schumacher
I totally fell in love! Good news - it's on sale. Bad news - it's still 375,00 €. WOW! Since I'm still waiting for my rose leather jacket and also spend a lot for other things (which I really need, of course)...I'm not sure yet?! In case my leather jacket won't be available anymore, I guess, I will buy the skirt....If not, I don't know....then I need a miracle or someone who likes to make me a really really great birthday present ;-).


PS: Skirt is also available in nude shadow here

The Golden Girls already knew...

Being really tired yesterday evening and not in the mood for reading anything, I just turned on the TV and discovered that The Golden Girls are still on - maybe in the 1000. rerun, but still really funny in my opinion ;-)

Being not only funny, but also quite far-sighted when it comes to their clothing! Sure, the patterns and styling is not the latest, but they knew what colors to wear...

Color blocking and blue: 

pics via

pic via

What old series are you watching and feeling inspired by?



Don't wanna make choices...

Especially not when it comes to shoes!

Currently, I'm in the mood to buy new shoes all day every day! This is a cruel world! I can't decide which one to take. Any ideas?

all pics via Zara
Which pair(s) would you buy? I'm thankful for all recommendations ;-).


Am I too oldfashioned?!

I've never been a fan of creepers and I never will be. Although I'm very open-minded when it comes to shoes (actually) I just don't know what these shoes are?!

pic via Moloko Shop
Though, I just ignored this trend! Now, unfortunately...they came back to my mind with a slight change...they are now pointed!

pics via Romwe

And this time, I couldn't help but think of my grandma's old iron ;-) (Yes, she really had such an old iron when I was really little which is some time ago now ;-().

pic found here

I know that fashion should be fun, experimental, risky, open-minded and so on...but this time, I cannot help but wonder: Why do we need/ should/ want to wear iron-like shoes on our feet? Only to look at them makes me feel heavier. And honestly...I just cannot imagine that someone looks nice with these irons on her/ his feet...I just can't!

Please explain!

Marni for H&M/ Spend or not to spend?!

Deciding not to spend on Mary Katrantzou for Topshop last week and not being sure what to expect from Marni for H&M, I'm now a bit torn if I should buy pieces from the collection or not?!

The collection was presented last weekend in Hollywood Hills. Stars, bloggers and editors are delighted and I need to admit that I'm surprised and excited, too!

pics via H&M

There are a few pieces that really caught my attention ;-). But since I'm not sooo into prints and patterns, I think I'll need some more days to look at the pieces and find out if I really should buy. These are my favorites so far:

pics via H&M

I really like the bracelets:

pics via H&M

Here are some pictures from the current lookbook:

pics via H&M

What do you think? Will you spend?



Mary Katrantzou for Topshop/ nearly sold out

pics via Topshop

Of course, I was curious about the Mary Katrantzou collection for Topshop and therefore it was one of the first things I did this morning - checking Topshop.

So, the nine piece collection is totally what I expected and I really like the dresses and pants with those colorful prints, but after looking at the pieces and making out my favorites I wasn't sure anymore if I really want to spend 169,00 € on a printed blue pants?! Or 52,00 € for a leggins? I don't know....I mean, I know it's Mary Katrantzou and this is really affordable compared to her original collections...sure...but it's still just a leggins and printed...that means, I probably will wear it only for a limited time - during next winter maybe and that's it.

pics via Topshop

I don't always think and shop like this...not sure why I suddenly thought so this morning?!

Did you get one of the pieces?


Great giveaway from an inspiring lady...

Just few minutes ago I read through my favorite blogs and discovered a lovely giveaway on Fashion and Cookies from Valentina.

Already following her blog on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin...(I lost the overview)...you can post about this giveaway to increase your chances to win ;-). And of course, I do! Because I love Romwe and above all, I like Valentina's blog!

I like her classy style - I guess, it's the italian girl in her ;-).

Thx to Vale for that nice giveaway and cross your fingers! ;-)

pics from Vale's blog Fashion and Cookies

This way to the giveaway!

Good luck!


Berlin NOW - an exciting perspective

As I already mentioned, I auctioned the book Berlin NOW from iheart Berlin last year during Bloggers against AIDS.

I had the book already on my wishlist since I love illustrated books and BERLIN ;-). So much the more, I was happy purchasing the book and doing a good thing.
Can be bought on Amazon

The illustrations combine the old and the new Berlin. Dagmar von Taube gives an exciting view on Berlins history. Especially while using personalities to show their Berlin view. It's a really great book and an amazing view on Berlin!

Some impressions for you...

K ;-)