Beautiful piece....from months ago

As some of you have surely read...some month already ago  Mauri from Mau-Fashion started the charity "Bloggers against AIDS". Nearly fifty bloggers followed him and auctioned something like a dress, a bag, books etc. you could bid on....and all the money from the auctions was spend to the Deutsche AIDS Hilfe.

I think this charity was a great idea and shows how much people can and are willing to give to help others! We need more of these ideas and engagement to help at least a little!

Loving this idea and wanting to support this charity with a donation, I bid at "i heart Berlin" for a shirt and the book "Berlin Fashion Now" which was on my wishlist anyway (post will follow soon)! Buying such great things and doing something good at the same time is a really nice idea - not new, but to be continued this year!

I love the shirt and the book is great too and at least, I could give a tiny little bit!

 Thx to iHeart Berlin!


I put my new shoes on....

Woke up cold one tuesday thursday,
i'm looking tired and feeling quite sick,
i felt like there where two days missing in my day to day life,
so i quickly opened the wardrobe,
pulled out some jeans and a T-Shirt that seemed clean,
topped it off with a pair of old shoes,
that were ripped around the seams,
and i thought these shoes just don't suit me.

Hey, I put some new shoes on,and suddenly everything is right,
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling,it so inviting,
Oh, short on money,but long on time,
slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine,
and i'm running late,and i dont need an excuse,
'cause i'm wearing my brand new shoes ;-).

Here they are: ;-)

Ash wedge sneaker via Asos.com

Jones loves them too ;-)

Actually, I really wanted to have the Isabel Marant Wedge sneakers, but I couldn't ignore my account again and decided for the also very very lovely ones from ASH. Still not really cheap, but more affordable...;-). I looove them!

And those are the Isabel Marant sneakers...amazing, but simply not my budget ;-(.

Isabel Marant sneaker pic via mytheresa

Which one would you have bought?


Style Nite Berlin

For all who couldn't be at the Berlin Fashion Week this time - like me :-( - Arte TV showed yesterday the Michalsky Style Nite Berlin. The event is a traditional part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin which was performed by Michael Michalsky this time. The style nite is not only a fashion show, but is also a music, art and life style event.

Next to Frida Gold and Marina and the Diamonds as music acts, you could admire Andrej Pejic on the runway!

If you missed the Style Nite at all and even on TV you could see the video on Arte.TV/plus7.


Philipp Plein blogger competition

Riding pants that rock!

Grey doesn't need to be boring! And although the color samples the sky these days, this pants will brighten up your day!

pic and Pants "General" found here

Not only because it has this chic cut, but the studs on the pockets make it look a little more rock. Moreover, the tucks below the knees that wind to the back of the pants let it look like riding pants, somehow.
pic and Pants "General" found here

So, what do you want more? Classy riding pants that rock nearly every outfit - combine it with an elegant blouse, blazer and pumps and you'll have an office outfit. Combined with flats or boots, leather jacket or fake fur vest - you can go and enjoy a casual, but perfectly dressed day.

My favorite would be something like this:

You can participate at the competition HERE!


Rose-colored glasses

When you see things through rose-colored glasses soon the day comes when the world starts to appear in grey again....BUT this time it's different! Really different. It's totally a lifetime thing, I know it! It will never be grey again....! Never ever! And I'm sure that we are meant to be together forever....we are made for each other to spend our lives together....I hope my boyfriend don't mind ;-)?!

Reverso leather jacket found here
The price we need to pay to be together is high, but it's a lifetime investment and for really good things in life you need to pay the price, right?! And this one I love to pay ;-).

Can't wait to hold it in my arms!

Late Christmas present....

After nearly five days without reading mails I had a short look in my inbox some days after Christmas and suprisingly found a mail from Anni from Fashion Hippie Loves which is one of my favorite blogs.

Anni wrote that I won a 75 € voucher for Sarenza! How great is that?! What a wonderful Christmas present she made. I love Sarenza since you always find something...and I already had something in my mind ;-). So, right on the first day back home from my family visit I redeemed my voucher and here is my choice:

PIECES Kira party bag found here

I love Shoes Rabbit found here

I got the lovies today and I looooove these shoes! They were on my wishlist for quite a while and the waiting was worth it now! And this little cute party bag is exactly what I missed in my collection!

So, thanks again, dear Anni for this great sweepstake!
K. ;-)


Dresses make me feel better!

Actually, I was never a real dress or skirt girl. I wore pants most of the time and that's how I feel really comfortable. That doesn't mean that I don't like dresses or skirts...I really do, but somehow I never made up my mind about it and instinctively I grabbed pants or shorts sometimes.

But during the last few years, it started to change and I recognized even more during the last months that I actually like skirts (not too short ones) and that I feel pretty good in dresses. They have to be long enough and comfortable, of course!
So, I decided to wear the dresses and skirts I already have more often and to encourage me....I ordered two new ones ;-). (people need motivation....yes!)

Those are my two new favorite clothes:

The first one is a dark red knit dress which is super comfortable to wear. I love it with boots and my lovely parka to go for walks with Jonesy OR with a white blouse underneath, a black coat and ankle boots on a casual friday.

Parka: Topshop, my own
Dress: Dorothy Perkins, my own
Boots: Aigle, my own
Blouse: Vero Moda über Amazon, my own
Tights: H&M, my own
Ankle boots: Topshop, my own

The second one is a grey stretch dress with little white points on it which you hardly see. The fabric is really comfortable and I love that it gets no wrinkles when you wear it all day long in the office (that's one thing I totally hate). I wear it with a black blazer and simple black pumps or a black long cardigan, belt around the waist and black wedges.

Dress via Dorothy Perkins

Cardigan: H&M
Tights: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Dress: Dorothy Perkins, my own
Ankle wedges: Glossybox Style, my own
Pumps: H&M, my own

What do you think? Do you like dresses and skirts or prefer pants?


Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and an amazing New Years Eve!

I wish you all a happy, successful, fashionable and exciting new year and all the best for 2012!!!

Since I was on a family roundtrip and returned only yesterday I hadn't the chance/ time to post news! But new year, new tasks! So, I promise to post again soon!

Have a wonderful first evening in 2012!